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Trauma Informed Resources

Books, classes and programs to help you build your trauma awareness and become a steward of trauma informed practices

I’m always getting asked about my favorites books, tools and processes to become more trauma informed and aware. Whether you’re looking to understand your own pain and healing process with more compassion and effective healing, or you want to bring trauma informed practice to your work in the world, these resources are a great place to begin.
If you have questions about anything, DM me.

The Body Keeps the Score

This is kind of the trauma informed bible. Pros: this book and its author Bessel Van Der Kolk are kind of the grandfather of modern trauma research. It’s very very educational, and gives a thorough understanding of how the human body as a whole navigates trauma.
Cons: written by a white man, rooted more in study of male bodies. Dense book, long read, lots of story telling with less of the practical exercises and insight on how to apply what you learn to your life or work.

Trauma Informed 101 Masterclass

This is your crash course to becoming trauma informed.
You’ll get access to a recording, and the ability to come to any of the Masterclasses when I teach them live.
I teach this Masterclass live 2-3 times a year.

Call of The Wild

A new addition to books on trauma I love, this one reads more like a classic personal development book, with an updated trauma informed slant. Ideal for self study and getting exercises to do on your own.

Polyvagal Exercises for Safety and Connection

This book was designed for practitioners, but gives an amazing intro to Polyvagal Theory and practical exercises to use in your healing process.

Widen the Window

This book is similar to Call of the Wild, but a little more of a science and research feel than a popular science personal development book. It helps you understand stress in the body, and how you can expand your ability to navigate trauma with more ease. This is hands down one of my favorite books on trauma ever.

Chelsea Quint

Who I am

Hey friend, I’m Chelsea Quint.

Professionally: trauma informed healer, yogi, low-key anti capitalist business mentor for creative misfits.
Personally: cat mom, chef-wife, coffee loving Brooklynite trying to live well and leave the world better than I found it.

Pisces 🌞, Scorpio🌛, Cancer👆

I work with creatives, visionaries, activists, healers and spiritual seekers to help them create impactful, fulfilling lives and legacies.

I’m committed to...
- building businesses that are life-sustaining, not life-draining
- ethical business + marketing practices
- bringing trauma-awareness to the wellness, personal development and coaching worlds
- diversity and inclusivity - as much in action as in words
- compassionate, integrous stewardship of Mother Earth

Thank you for being.