Good to see you Traveller 🙏🏽

Welcome to Healing with Chelsea

Chelsea Renee is a Womb embodiment Coach who is creating opportunities to be courageous and say YES to pleasure.

Chelsea is a sound alchemist and a Light Language channel, offering Sacred circles for men + women to come forth and explore the earthly realms of the Spiritual Mastery.

When working with Chelsea and her Spirit Gang, you will find that you feel comfortable in speaking your truth and can awaken your womb energy through guided meditations, sound bowl journeys, releasing ceremonies using raw and primal body movements, offering MORE
🐍 Confidence and excitement.

Chelsea travels around New Zealand holding events that are channeled through her own healing & evolving experiences including the aspects of herself as a Mum of three child under 12, a Twin Flame navigating through a conscious open relationship and how bloodlines & family emotional suppression has led her into discovering more for her future bloodlines.

Sitting with Chelsea in her spaces is impactful, high energy and witnessing the miracles and shifts that can occur when you lean into fear and challenge it until you feel it all leave your body and energy.

She specializes in Tarot, mastering this a craft within only 6 years of reading for hundreds of men and women all over the world.
Chelsea is a Spiritual Midwife who assists you to birth creations and energies, and works with Kundalini, life-force, Womb and the elements air and water.

Chelsea is raw, honest, and humble to her core, understanding that there is no going back for her. Her life is to be of service and live to create a life of pleasure.

Connect with me on social media @healingwithchelsea