Everyday life things!

All the things that fill my life with good vibes!

Scentsy Mini Fan Diffuser

Plug it in to any USB port and you will have instant fragrance filling the area!

Frosted Sugar Cookie Creamer

I’m getting in the holiday season with of course...Christmas creamer!

Why do you do what you do!

I’m a business gal...so why not run a business that I love!

I just wanted a hobby because I quit my job in April 2020 and became a waitress...and we all know how 2020 was.. I just loved when my house smelled good...than I looked at the bigger outcome if I became a consultant! Why not sell the things that I love and make extra money!

I have been buying Scentsy through a friend (Who is now my sponsor!) for a while...I saw all the cute products she was posting and thought I can do that! Every time I placed an order I counted the days until it arrived on my doorstep. I thought why not give other people this exciting feeling of getting great products! My first month I hosted my first Scentsy party and had such a great turn out that my party hit $1,000 and earned so many hostess rewards! I was up to my eyeballs in Scentsy and that just wasn’t enough… I wanted more!!
It was no doubt in my mind that I couldn't run this business! Initially all I wanted from my new business was a extra income...but it has became so much more than that!
I never doubted myself and I don't doubt that you can do this too!