ItWorks Distributor

Hey Y'all!! I'm Chelsee Flores! 🌼

I'm so excited that you would love to learn more about my business!

So let me tell y'all alittle about myself:
I'm a happily married to my best friend my forever and always - Junior 💕
We have 3 beautiful kids and 1 amazing gorgeous pitbull named Thor and 2 kittens we just added to our family. I love Jesus he is my savior! I love my coffee and winter cold mornings and enjoy some football with the family Christmas is my favorite time of the year.

When i first heard about this business was back in march when i seen a friend posting about her journey losing weight and also making money i was sooo skeptical about joining YES! Lol! I talked to my hubby about it he was the same way...So i waited i kept watching her post about it and finally i spoke to Jesus and prayed about it and was like what do i do? I also wanted to get to a healthier weight and feel good about myself so i kept thinking maybe one day! My one day was finally in September i said YES! I'll start! I don't want to struggle i want to make ends meet because lord knows we all struggled and i dont want to be that person asking when i can do it myself! I'm glad i Did i want to be the mama to say i did it i want my dreams to come true having a big house a nice SUV take a vacation. Not having to struggle day by day because believe me I've been there!it truly is a huge choice🙏

Remember You are worthy. You are capable. You are destined for greatness! 💕

Before you fill out the application below, here are some things you will learn when you join my team!
- How to make a successful income from Instagram, Facebook, or Tik Tok
- How to step into your purpose and become the person God has called you to be
- How to inspire others & grow your network
- How to brand yourself on social media
- How to help others reach their goals & so much more!

Our team has one of the fastest growing social media teams in our whole company & we’re so excited to help you reach your goals!

So here’s a few questions...
- Are you disciplined & coachable?
- Are you ready to change your life?
- Are you willing to learn?
- Do you want to have fun while making money?!

I cant wait to see how this business can change your life like it has mine! Apply below & lets see if this is the right fit for you! Talk to you soon!

XoXo, 💕