SO ... you want to unlock your VISION, monetise your social media and generate a kick arse income?

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I’m Chelsie W finglas and if your scrolling right now then your currently looking at MY mission ( in website form )

I help women ignite their vision their passions and monetise them using digital affiliate marketing. To allow them to step into a life of freedom choice and impact. To lead them to becoming their own personal brand and link arms with high ticket offers to generate high commissions.

Without the need to be constantly attached to their phone. Without endless investing with no real return.

What separates me from other mentors coaches & leaders is that I am here to cut through the surface level conversations and get to the root of the reason WHY your seeking more out of life.

I’m not afraid of a tough conversation. I’ve come from a past of struggling with a cooeperate career, body dismorphia, fertility issues, rejection, abuse, addiction and endless people pleasing and through all of this my mindset and my constant seeking of growth is what kept me going I knew I was made for more. Finally I listened.

I’m sick and tired of surface level temporary solutions of how to make a quick fix dollar businesses that aren’t going to provide longevity or sustainability

I’m a massive believer that the Devine timing of the universe has you here right now scrolling for a reason. That you need to trust the timing & forge a new path for yourself

If my message resonates with you
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