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I didn’t realize how down & out I was until I hit the wall. You know the brick wall, yea I smacked it.... HARD!!
Although it hurt it made me realize that I had been running directly in the opposite direction of my purpose.
Working minimum wage, busting my butt & within the first 3 months at my previous job I was directly under the operations manger, who was directly under the owner. I had hit my ceiling within 3 months of starting this job, yet I continued to work within my comfort zone for 2 years!! It wasn’t until the pandemic hit & starting a family business with my partner that I was as far away from my purpose as I could be. I decided to take a leave of absence for a month & ultimately quit because I knew that was not apart of my journey anymore.
I dove into my mental & physical health journey and put myself FIRST!! Boy did my life change!! I dropped close 80 pounds in a YEAR (more on this to come) but yet the physical change is NOTHING compared to my mental transformation.
This is when I realized MY CALLING, MY PURPOSE is to help others change their mindset & letting go of limiting beliefs so you strive for YOUR HIGHEST SELF!!

Make yourself comfortable & stay a while! Ensure you don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions!! That’s what I’m here for! 💕
Chels ❤️

Mindset Practice!!

How to Cultivate the Life You’ve Been Dreaming Of

Hmm... what is it that you’ve been dreaming of?
First we need to get clear on what our dream life looks like, be very specific. Where will you live, what will your house look like, your partner what does that look like, maybe you are dreamin’ of a life filled with adventure? Be clear and detailed.

Once you are CLEAR on your vision of the future, ask yourself am I WILLING to do what it takes to get to where I want to go?
I am willing to trade family time to work for my business. Or if you feel more empowered what are you UNWILLING to settle for. I am unwilling to work for someone who doesn’t respect me. Whatever EMPOWERS YOU!! Dreaming of something you are UNWILLING to work for is setting yourself up to failure (sorry not sorry it’s true)
Start with getting clear on your VISION & then get clear on what you are WILLING & UNWILLING to do in this life.

I hope this exercise helps you get clear on your vision for the future, to make it easy to work towards it!