Hey Beautiful Momma!

Your Motivation Starts Here!

Have you found yourself continuing to feel out of control with most areas of your life? Feel like the mess of your life is robing you but you also feel stuck?
Maybe you have an idea of what to do or even a plan but struggle with doing it?
Maybe you feel overwhelmed by the changes you know you need to make and need help starting somewhere.....
Or maybe you have been in a season of suffering, grief, disappointment, waiting and you believe it’s time to take small steps forward and you feel paralyzed...

You are SOOO Loved and in good company Momma!
Several years ago The Lord allowed me to make a lot of decisions without him yet continued to be with me. Even some of my lowest points he remains faithful!
God has taken me on a journey from a Nurse Practitioner serving the physically sick to HELPING YOU, the overwhelmed, often undervalued momma become WELL!
God began to open my eyes to another side of healthcare and helping you see YOUR WORTH as a beloved saint of God, YOUR VALUE because you belong to the family of the Almighty and YOUR POWER, the same power that raised Christ from the dead!
Although the Lord opened my eyes to the impact discipline can make in living out our God given purpose, it doesn’t compare to the discipline and partnership with the Holy Spirit!
Oh how I love some truth talk and believe the Word is truly our source of living and also our greatest weapon!
The book of James talks about God will allow us CHOICE. He will let us sit and flounder and sit in overwhelm, but when we call on him, he will HELP us move! Which comes in many forms!
He wants us to be willing to HEAR his Word, but then BE DOERS OF HIS WORD!
And that’s exactly what I help you do!
When we listen, he speaks!
His desire is for us to co-labor, to partner with Him in the plans he already has for this earth and our role in it! It’s a privilege and honor!

As a Kingdom Catalyst, I share my experience and the truth God reveals to me. God is after our hearts and as we are changed, he can then help us help others!
Together we can be truth bringers and change agents in a world full of deceived daughters being trafficked by confusion, hurt, overwhelm and lack!
We don’t need to be fixed, we just need to allow God to help us straighten our crown and BELIEVE He is who he says he and who he says we are!

I’d love to walk alongside you, Whether it is personally Coaching/Mentoring you, encouraging you in a book, blog or social post, coming to meet you, share and hug you at an event!
I already love you and so does Jesus!
He’s got you Momma!
I have been an advocate for health for over 20 years and walking alongside women to provide tools to help you Live Beyond Boundaries for over a decade!
God has a great plan for YOU in His Kingdom!
I know I can help and look forward to serving you and meeting you!

Motivational Speaking, Team Building & Group Events

Add Faithfilled FUN to your next team or group event

As a Faith Based Motivational Speaker, Best Selling Author & Fitness Coach, Cheneil will bring an extra dose of Motivation to your next event! Her experience and personality will sure to make your next event one to remember!
Whether online for team building or an added incentives to motivate your group or in person activities to create lasting bonds with friends. Cheneil is sure to bring you a memorable SPARKLE you are looking for and leave you motivated to leave your own mark!

Hey Momma!

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1:1 Life Coaching

Customize Your Coaching

Cheneil is a certified Nurse Practitioner and after 14 years God opened New Doors and is now fully living out her purpose coaching Christian women like you in health, faith, daily habits and business! She customizes her coaching to your needs to hold you accountable and see success!
From developing a schedule and implementing a peace plan for your home life to birthing and marketing your dream business... She will help you grow and develop into the person God is calling you to be!

Personal Integrative Training

Mind, Body, Soul Training

KingdomFIT —

6 Week Lifestyle Reset Program

We ARE KingdomFIT
Our Mission: Powered by Faith•Propelled by Daily Intention•Training Together on Purpose

KingdomFIT is a intentional progressive total body (spirit, soul & body) reset program. We believe that in order to make a lasting lifestyle change you need to incorporate several things: Faith,Consistency, Intentionality, Stewardship, Wholeness

Our core purpose here at KingdomFIT is to empower and equip you to partner with Holy Spirit and learn to Walk as Light representing the Kingdom of Heaven, Train Together with Faith & Intention.
What’s included : weekly 1:1 coaching calls, weekly power plan, daily scripture, weekly meal plans, private group for education and encouragement.

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