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— Working hours: 10.00 - 22.00
— Platform: Telegram, Twitter, Line
— Avail for: BxG
— Only for CA, BA, RP

Hi sweet soul reading this message! Let me introduce my name first sweetie, my name is Davian Zayn alexander. Just call me honey or baby, hahahaha in just kidding sweetie, you can call me with any call as long as you are comfortable with the call okay? Trust me, I can make you feel like you're dating the real Doyoung. For my mbti is ENFP-A, a cheerful person who can always be your motivator every time when you are sad.

Saya orangnya good listener who is very good, and I am also the best adviser and as much as possible to respond to all your complaint. Can be your number one best support system on your life. Saya anak nya suka random banget kadang suka kasih suatu hal yang bisa bikin kamu bahagia dan senyum manis. Saya juga suka spam kalau kamu ngga ada kabar hehe, a lil bit clingy too hehe, tapi emang pada dasarnya anaknya clingy pakai banget saking sayangnya. Saya juga bisa menjadi rumah sekaligus tempat bersandar dan tempat berteduh yang nyaman untuk kamu yang lelah dengan segala masalah, cuddle & kiss 24/7, and ofc i will treat u like a real beautiful princess or a real baby prince (because i'm a dom). Saya juga tipikal orang yang ngga bisa liat pacarnya sedih atau terganggu tentang hal apapun itu, because seeing you sad can also make me sad, seeing you sick can also make me sick. Cause we are two different bodies and souls, but our hearts and souls are the same.

My little flaw is kinda slr kalo lagi ada kelas/nugas but i will do my best to answer your message as soon as possible

Additional services:
— Game date (Telegram, Plato)
— Movie date (Rave)
— Spotify session
— Multiple platform

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— Working hours: 10.00 - 22.00
— Platform: Twitter and Telegram
— Avail for: BxG or BxB
— Only for CA or BA

Buenos dias, precious souls. This has been Hadrian Skylar and let me tell you about myself. I am a type of a person who is very humorous and can adjust to other people I just met, I always reply to messages quickly when I’m online. I’d like to reading an alternative universe, actually I’m a loud, clingy and a possessive person but I swear that I can make you feel comfortable when you’re with me. I can be your support system and being your 1st best boyfriend ever, I can treat you like a prince and a princess because I like to making my lover blushing, that’ll be cute. I have a lot of random thing and random conversations so do not worrying about our conversation, I’m not a convokiller. I will always send you a cute message and cute picture for my cutest little baby, I’m good at listening all of your stories and we can exchange our daily activities. Ready to be your 24/7 simpy, it’ll be great if you rent me cause you will get everything you want and you will get my attention and affection.

I like to talk about movie or series and i also into Spotify sessions too

— RL thingy
— IC
— imagine literate

Additional service:
— Sposess
— Imagine n/sfw
— Pap aktifitas
— Game date only tele
— Req ava/bio
— Dirty talk
— Fotbar

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— Working hours: 10.00 - 21.00
— Platform: Twitter, Telegram
— Avail for: BxG and BxB as a dom
— Only for CA or BA

Howdy ya'll. I guess, you're a new indweller, ya? Right, then let me introduce myself gleefully. Wouldn't you mind spending half or all of your day with him? Nozel Dezaire, boost of your mood.

He was a well-mannered and head straight for words yet a bilingual one. Mainly uses Bahasa and English on a day to day conversation, but please pardon him if his grammar wasn't all that good, he also had a Jowo vibes if his lover wants to. An INTP-T with words of affirmation and physical touch as his love language. Bet you won’t get bored of him, since he loves to talk about anything even a random thing. Fight me if it’s wrong, he ain’t stiff and adapt with his lovers well. He do hype any genre of music, anime, or movie. Was an all-rounder love machine, he said. He loves everything about art and sport. Forbye, he loves to read and gather some beautiful poems.

Sunshine protector. Coddling the spoiled one, yet somewhile he can be a clingy big-baby tho. Worry not, he such a great listener, get it? In any case, he always willing to hear any kind of chatter out from your mouth. Have no faith, you can tell him anything about and he’ll be there, admiring you untoldly. Please pardon him, ya? He love to tease and flirt a lot, so he begs you to whip up yourself first. Alongside from that, he would love to give his mate lots of support, praises, and heap of honeyed words.

Ah, let me tell you that he has several cons out of pros. Be wise to him, he’s not accepting anything related with his own real life such as VN nor OTP. On the whole, he often get tardy at the morning due to his real life schedule. But get rid of your fears, love. He’ll be your best lover.

Additional req :
- Dirty talk.
- Spotify session.
- Game date. (Telegram)
- SFW Imagine. (Eng only)
- Stay up late up to 23.30 WIB.

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— Working hours: 10.00 - 22.00
— Platform: Twitter, Telegram, Line, or WA
— Avail for: BxG
— Only for BA

Hi ladies, let me introduce myself! my name is sergio u can call me gio/iooooooo or anything what you want. the most handsome person in the world. i have many topics soooo you don't have to worry. i will treat you like a prince(ss) and i don't like anyone touch my girlfriend. saya bisa jadi pacar bagi kamu dan bisa jadi abang buat adek-adek saya, selain boy friend rental saya juga bisa jadi brorent buat kamu. bucin 24/7, perhatian, humoris, suka kasih surprise, agak tengil emang tapi masih punya sifat dewasa, bisa jadi support system, pinter gombal. kamu mau ngonten sama saya? yukk! cuddle and kiss addict. suka pap aktivitas juga trus kalau off bakalan ngabarin. oh iya saya juga bisa nyanyi in kamu kalau badmood, bisa instrument musik, sudah ya kenalannya.

Additional service:
— Imagine N/SFW (Literate or Brackets)
— Movie date
— Spotify sessions
— Study date
— Game date (Ludo or Hago)
— Stay up late
— IC idol and anime
— OTP with or without filter
— VN
— Sing ang play instrument, can do piano and guitar

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— Working hours: 10.00 - 21.00
— Platform: Twitter, Telegram, KKT
— Avail for: BxG or BxB (switch
— Only for CA or BA

Massive salutation, Nama saya Keenandra Xion tapi biasanya memakai Vincent sebagai nama samaran. Biasanya dipanggil Vint or Pinsen. I’m using ENHYPEN - Park Sunghoon as my main muse and my side muse is THE BOYZ - Lee Juyeon and Kim Younghoon, ENHYPEN - Jay Park, and Kim Sunoo. Namun bisa request Face Claim sesuai dengan kebutuhan yang diinginkan.

I like to joke around at times, also dad jokes sometimes. I can be the craziest person in this world, selain itu humor saya juga amblas, masuk, mendem, meresap, ke inti bumi.

Anyway, I am already legal and mature enough. I will be your #1 support system because I care about you. I will do anything and trying my best to make you happy. I'm a clingy person, like to spam your room chat, easygoing, and like to share my story. I’m not a judgemental person. Saya tau sedikit mengenai psikologi namun bukan ahli psikologi, hanya tau beberapa. I'm a good listener, so you can share your story too. Don't worry, i'll keep it as our secret! I’m not good at giving advice, but I will give you some words as my opinion to be your answer.

I play a few games. PC games like horror games "phasmophobia, pacify, raft, life 4 dead and point-blank" also mobile games ML, AOV, Cyber Hunter, Plato, Hago, PUBGM, CODM, and Telegram games.

I watch a lot of movies on Netflix and VIU, but mostly horror, thriller, and mystery movies. Also, I like to watch Nessie Judge, Nadia Omara, Hirotada Radifan, Joe Kal, Diary Misteri Sara and Miawaug.

Worry not, I love to tell you little information, for short call it TMI. Contohnya “Oh ya tadi pagi baru aja ketemu kucing warna putih, kedua bola matanya beda warna.”, “Barusan tadi pagi jatoh dari kasur.” I’m a fast replier, kalau lagi late reply pasti info langsung.

I Hype a lot of boy and girl groups. Like SKZ, NCT, WAYV, BTS, TXT, ENHYPEN, SEVENTEEN, RED VELVET, AESPA, (G)I-DLE, AND MAMAMOO. For music I like to listen to every music, karena buat saya semua lagu itu indah dan enak untuk didengarkan. Ingin sharing playlist juga boleh. But. lagu saya kebanyakan yang kpop era gen 2 dan 3, OST drama dan sedikit lagu jepang (OST Anime).

- Available on (social media platform):
Line, Whats App, Telegram, and Twitter (BA only)

- Service:
Request face claim, nick name and typing. Put name on bio or DN, imagine biasa, movie date, game date and spotify session.

- IC:
THE BOYZ - Kim Younghoon, Bae Jacob and Kevin Moon.
ENHYPEN - Park Sunghoon and Kim Sunoo.

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— Working hours: 10.00 - 23.00
— Platform: Twitter, Telegram, KKT, Line
— Avail for: BxG or BxB
— Only for CA, BA, FA, RP

Caero, 20+, ISFP-T. Taurus Sun, Capricorn Moon, Scorpio Rising. Words of Affirmation and Acts of Service as love language.

I have a very dynamic energy yet emotionally stable like I can be so LOUD then calm once you blink. At first, I may look like cold-namja-city who wear all black from head to toe, SIKE. I have such a warm-hearted, a clown, and pretty sure I've lost my braincells. I find joy in making people laugh and smile also I love being someone's comfort place. I can put myself in every situation, knowing every atmosphere that other need. I think most people go through life wishing to be listened to more. Thus, I prefer listening rather than talking, by listening I can giving something valuable to the person who's speaking. Simply, I'm a good listener also the type of person who won't disappoint you with all my responses. That's it. I'm not very good at putting fancy words to describe how I'm fr.

- I'm a mature yet soft person, if you need daddy in pocket size then it would be me
- You can find boyfriend, bestfriend, brother, enemy, dad and mom side in one person
- We can talk about anything, I get curious easily and I'd love learn something new, so, I'll welcome any topics (except math lmao my brain won't accept)
- I can make my lover feel safe and warm around me
- I don't think Imma sweet talker, but I'm romantic by my own. Action > sweet talker
- I'm a professional clown. Making my lover laugh and smile is my daily job
- I can treat my lover like a queen and partner in crime at the same time

- I avoid "too much" in every situation. I mean, gak suka yang berlebihan dalam segala hal, ya semua yang berlebihan dasarnya gak baik. Tapi ada beberapa yang suka sama hal tersebut
- Not-really-romantic-boy. Orangnya lebih lawak daripada romantis manis-manis
- Since I can be so LOUD it might be freak for some people
- Bad at managing time. Jadi kalau sibuk sesuatu gak bisa nyambi ini itu, kalau disambi sambil pacaran yah nggak maksimal bucinnya. (plusnya jadi fokus ke satu hal, diprioritasin)

I'm interested in art and aesthetics. Into psychology and communication things such as mental health, humanistic perspective, self-improvement, problem solving, stereotyping, etc. I enjoyed any genre of musics (keshi, NHC, LANY, INTESECTION, ONE OK ROCK, Jingga, Iwan Fals) also any genre of film (but big no for kind of SAW movie), dari anime, western, drama Korea, Thailand suka semua. I do love sports and adventure.

Additional service:
— Spotify session
— Stay up late
— Movie date
— Food date
— Game date (Mobile Legend, Plato, KartRider)
— Study date (Communication Science)
— Put bio

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— Working hours: 10.00 - 22.00
— Platform: Twitter, Telegram, Line
— Avail for: BxG
— Only for CA, BA, RP

Greetings, Everyone! Let me introduce myself as I will accompany your soon-to-be day with me as your boyfriend. The name’s Abrisam who’s claiming Jake as his face. Beforehand, let me talk about my personality yet pros and cons to date me.

(+) Imma kind-hearted person, warm, and would likely being your support system, if you’re okay or okayn’t. I’m a person who can be rely on as I’m a good listener too. Fret not, I’ll give you my shoulders to lean on if you want. Sometimes I’m clingy, more if you’re my lover. I would like to ask for hug, cuddles or kisses if you would like me to. I would like to tell about my day or anything that I’ve been through, and obviously I’d like to listen to your story too! So don’t be afraid to tell me about your day or any story, ya? I also a convobuilder, but sometimes I’m not that random. I also like to tell you about everything.
Don’t worry, you’ll not be awkward with me if I’m being your boyfriend. And oh, I could be a weirdo or anything you fancy if you want. Or maybe I can be the cute boyfie yet hot at the sametimes. Though my face didn’t look as it is but I promise, I’m classy outside, clownsy inside. *smile in pain.* But see, I also a cool person. My sense of humor were low so I like to collect any dad jokes or I can laugh about anything that I’ve saw. Well actually, I usually to miss my lover easily. So if I missing you, I will do anything to catch your attention. And besides that, I would like to be a good person to. I’m trying to be better right now for my lovely lover. I’ll treat my lover just like they got anything in this world though sometimes I can’t be a fastresponse. But, I’ll try my best.

(-) From morning to noon, I usually being busy with my assignments. It’s not included if I had another activities and anything that can’t be moved. But, because you’re my priority, I will try my best to ask you a permission first or I will spent my times with you as much as I can. Thanks for lend me your time to read this, I hope you like to making me your temporary boyfriend. Have a pleasant day.

Trivia: Saya suka jenis musik apa saja termasuk dangdut, bollywood, K-Pop, Pop, dan lain-lain. Kalau itu nyantol di telinga saya ya saya suka. Tapi untuk akhir-akhir ini saya lagi suka dengerin lagu Gracie Abrams yang unlearn dan friend. Itu lagu Gracie Abrams favorite saya. Dan juga, untuk film saya suka film action, horor, romance pun lumayan suka. Entah itu film Hollywood, Indo, Thai, China, atau Jepang. Selain itu, saya juga suka nonton anime genre action, supranatural, thriller, sports, slice of live, comedy, demons, banyak lagi, ga bisa sebut satu-satu.

Additional service:
— Imagine atau plotting (only in Bahasa)
— Stay up late (Up to 01 AM)
— Movie date
— Spotify sessions
— IC (Jemin Dear J/After Dear J dan Mitsuya tokrev)

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— Working hours: 13.00 - 00.00
— Platform: Telegram
— Available for BxG, GxG, bestie rent, and sister rent
— Only for CA, BA, RP

Halo aku Nara, kamu bisa panggil aku Nar, bestie, kakak, adik, sayang, atau apapun yang kamu suka karena aku juga bakalan ikut suka uhuk selebew uhuk.

Aku si cewe taurus umur 18 tahun yang bisa jadi tipe pacar, bestie dan sister yang kamu mau.
Aku bisa diajak ngelakuin hal yang nyenengin dan berisik buat ngebahas hal yang seru, cerita dan diskusi kalau kamu lagi butuh saran dan tempat curhat, ataupun ngelakuin hal yang sedih sambil deep talk buat jadi tempat kamu berkeluh kesah dan bersandar sesaat ngeluapin semuanya ke aku.

Aku suka dengerin musik K-POP (hype for BTS, EXO, NCT, Treasure, TXT, Stray Kids, Red Velvet and Itzy) Krnb dan K-HipHop. Terus kalau untuk western music aku dengerin Ariana, Doja, Jeremy Zucker, Daniel Caesar, Justin Bieber, H.E.R and others kamu bisa cek playlist Spotify aku yaa.

Jujurly aku orangnya random banget loh aku bakalan ngajakin kamu ngomongin banyak topik dari yang romantis, fantasy, horror, mistis sampai yang relate banget sama kehidupan kita jadi kamu gak perlu khawatir kehabisan topik obrolan sama aku. Karena aku orangnya kepoan dan suka excited sama hal-hal kecil, kamu bisa banget ngajakin aku gibah dan julid bareng, mau marah-marah juga bebas KARENA AYOOO KELUARKAN SEMUA RASA KESALMU.

Pro(s) :
— Talkaktive and fast respons
— Good listener
— Bisa diajak curhat / gibah / atau ngehype idol atau artis yang kamu suka
— Aku orangnya excited jadi kalau ngechat kamu pake capslock artinya lagi semangat dan seneng sama obrolan itu, kadang juga suka ngetik "hshshshhs" atau "ajskkfg"
— Bisa NSFW pake Bahasa Indonesia
— Kadang keceplosan ngetik anjir
— Kalau kamu lagi curhat aku bakalan gantian curhatin hal dan situasi yang mirip sama masalah kamu, itu bisa bikin kamu ngerasa ga sendiri dan secara ga langsung dapat pandangan positif dari sisi yang berbeda
— Pernah tersakiti sama first love dan masih ngerasa kesel padahal udah 4 tahun jadi kalau kamu mau curhat tentang percintaan kamu BISA BANGET AYO MEMBUKA LUKA DAN BERSEDIH BERSAMAKU

Con(s) :
— I'm up for GXG but i'm a sub
— Bahasa Inggris masih belum pro alias banyak typo kalau ngetiknya
— Kurang banyak tahu lagu-lagu Indonesia
— Kalau lagi ada kelas atau tugas aku off bentar yaa, tapi pasti ngabarin dulu kok gak langsung clinggg ilang

Paid service:
— OTP atau sleep call
— VN
— Sing a song
— Stay up late (up to 2 am)
— NSFW thingy

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— Working hours: 10.00 - 22.00
— Platform: Twitter, Telegram
— Avail for: BxG, GxG
— Only for CA or BA

I am Margo (21+), your personal affection supplier. I would love to unravel myself layer by layer. I would love to begin with, this is a lady whose giving you humongous amount of her time and attention. She’d like to focus on you and you only that makes her having the biggest clingy side. As for personality, she’s a bubbly person to deal with and behind her bubbly act, there are wise, sensible, and humorous personalities lie beneath. Her favorite thing to do is: makes you the centre of attention.

She love to talk about everything and learn something new, with new perspective also. She is someone whom see things from diverse glass, not just one because she would love to comprehend what’s going on inside other’s brilliant mind. Her love language are word of affirmation and physical touch (yes, she loves it so much!) And if you count giving song(s) counted as one, make it rest on the list because she is someone who jams into a lot of songs–mostly Lauv, Troye Sivan, Lany, The 1975, Ben Platt, Cavetown, Olivia Rodrigo, Boy Pablo (and the list goes on..) Her favorite genre of movies & series are thriller, crime, comedy, medicine. (Don’t give her drama or romance or she will cries as soon as she heard slight love confession because she is soft at heart)

If this matter to you, her zodiac sign radiate between two and it’s Libra & Taurus (you may get confused!). Ever since she tested her MBTI, she got ISTP over and over. Guess what? She is good at giving reasonable heartless advice and clear judgment calls. (Heartless: no feelings involved) come to Mama if you want to talk about heavy stuffs, she will be all ears.

— Still want me to be clear? I am a good listener and great at giving advice too.
— I blabber a lot. And it’s about all of things happened in this world including “Kenapa nyamuk masih ada di Bumi?”
— Two seconds are all I need to run and text you back!
— Allow me to be your partner in any field! Fill me in with a lot of heavy topics would be great too since I love to exchange opinions regarding political themes. Albeit, talking about music and philosophy would be okay too.
— I am a sweet talker and (eyes closed please, minors!) astounding whilst doing sexting. If you count it as d!rty talk, well, that might be it too! Hahahaha. I flirt with people real swift and it takes no minutes for me to gain everyone’s attention.
— Important: I am 100% submissive and abashed easily if you want me to be a dominant. >:( Speaking of, I swing both ways! Still, submissive. :}
— Move to NSFW part, I am totally fine if you simply want kisses and cuddles. I am a mirror lit, whatsoever you put on the table either it’s a plot or imagine, I will do you as good.
— I am that person who loves reading fancy aesthetic writings too. And that would be incredibly fine if you want to ask me about your plot, caption update (yes, totally up for it!) and many more to go.

— I am not an early bird so let’s meet on 10 AM until 10 PM!
— The exit door is wide open if you want a jamet person because damn, Ma, I need efforts. (Unless in the mood! :P)
— I do not know if this supposed to be on cons or not but sometimes I mixed my languages (Indonesia and English) while talking to you. Giving “nggak bisa basa enggres!” would deliver a big slap on your cheeks. >:(
— Sometimes, things come up and I will let you know if that occurred.

Additional service:
— Put name on bio
— N/SFW Imagine
— Spotify session

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— Working hours: 10.00 - 22.00
— Platform: Twitter, Telegram
— Avail for: BxG, GxG
— Only for CA or BA

Halo, aku Mine tapi kalo kamu panggil aku yang lain juga suka-suka kamu dah (read: sayang juga boleh). Blasteran mama sama papa, rajin menabung, ramah, rendah hati, sholat 5 kali sehari, waktu dulu hobi melihara cupang sama kelinci (mati terus tapi gapapa masukin aja), ga pernah nyolong gorengan beli 8 bayar 3 kecuali dapet diskon.

Aku ga selalu berisik kayak kipas angin cosmos wadesta, kadang emang jadi cool wanita karir SCBD yang siap mendengar keluh kesahmu. Mau cerita apa aja ke aku mah aman ga kayak ke guru BK, bisa ngasih saran sih itu juga kalo kamu mau. Good looking and good listener cap cherie mania mantap. Buat movie date sama game date ask me first ya. Aku sebenernya 7 orang, kalo kamu ga cocok sama aku yang ini nanti aku ganti jadi ke aku yang itu, kayak pake kaset. Ntar lebihnya rent Mine for a better life aja.

♪ • fast response selama aku ga ada kesibukan irl
♪ • suka dengerin lagu-lagunya Bazzi, Tulus, JB n also NCT DREAM
♪ • engga punya genre music tapi selama itu enak bakalan aku dengerin
♪ • aku kalo chat kirim bubble nya 2+++ tapi bisa sesuain sikon chill aja

♪ • aku bisa begadang cuma sampe jam 12 pagi di weekend doang
♪ • aku ga avail nsfw thingy, vn, otp, plot, imagine, services gxg, and req fc anime
♪ • biasanya indihome suka recokin
♪ • bukan ga peka tapi lebih ke kelamaan mikir, jadi kalo bisa to the point aja ya..

Paid service:
- Sposess (use my device)
- Study date
- Food date (bills on you)
- Couple layout (bills on you)
- Req fc
- Put name on bio
- Stay up late (only weekend n must discuss w/ me)