Hey Friends!

Tell the world what your made of

So what is my story you ask? I am a single mom of two sons, one who is brain injured and disabled from brain tumors as a small child, a grandma of three beautiful young girls and my youngest 7 year old grandson, and I am an older woman who found myself without a job when the company I was working for decided to eliminate employees and fold operations. I was suddenly without an income and 7 other people who live with me were depending on me. Luckily I had paid off the house I bought for all of my family and myself to live in . However, I still had all the expenses to deal with for a family of 8. I had started my own bookkeeping business because that's what I had done for 20 years. After a year of trying to market my business and get customers and going nowhere I decided to close it down. Before this I had tried an online business also with no success even-though I liked the product it was impossible to get new customers online and I had no help from my upline... It was, "Ok I'm in and ok I'm on my own". I really really couldn't continue doing what I was doing and not getting any results. Then the pandemic hit; I had probably filled out the equivalent to 400 job applications and at this point it was, "What now?" So at this point I am at the peak of my frustration and was starting to sink deeper and deeper into giving up...Ya know that point when your fingers can't hold on any longer? That's when it happened for me... A complete stranger shared a post on my facebook page and that person shared a unique business opportunity with me that wasn't going to break the bank and she was totally an average everyday kind of person who had become very successful. So I said, "Yes". She promised to train me, she did. She promised to help me, she did. She promised me support whenever I needed it, she came through. I finally found my Yes !!!