TikTok coloring

Dark cherry
1. Go to 23fps and pick filter “tak3 on m3” (to get it search on TikTok “24 FPS QR code’s” and screen shot the right. Go to the app tap “import” and import video you want, click little icon with Three circles and in the right corner click “+” and click 2nd option and import the code you just screenshoted. Click “done” and “save and share”
2. Go to app “ultralight”, pick video you just saved, go to saturation label and put everything on -10 but red on +10, click “luminosity” and put red on -10. Click “save” and pick “save”
3. Go to app “prequel”, import that video, and in right corner go to “filter” and search for “boston” then click little adjust button and put it to 35. Go to adjust and do this: exposure-30, contrast -25, highlights -100, shadows +20, haze and glow +25, blur 50, vibrance -50, saturation -15
4. Open app „Colourtone”, import the video, go to filters and in „Jasmine hand” click the filter „marble” 2 times and put this on 70/80 %. Click „HSL” go to red section and put saturation to +0.49 and lightness to -0.39, save…
And done!

Pink flavor
1. Go to 24 FPS and pick filter “peachy” (search on tiktok “24 FPS QR code’s and do the same as previously) and save it
2. Open app “ultralight” and in “saturation” section do pink +10, red +3 and all others at -10, click “luminosity” put pink to +10 and red +10.
Then clarity -10, sharpen -10 and noise -10
3. Go to prequel, in effects find dust and put filter to 0%. In filters section find Oakland, select 2, and put it at 20%. Go to adjusts and do this: exposure +10, highlights +35, shadows -50, skintone +15, vibrance +20 and blur +50

And done!!