All About Me

Hi babes,

So glad you’re here🤍

I’m Cherry, I’m 24 years old born & raised in the Philippines been living in Canada for 11 years now and been loving it ever since I have a siblings of two, im currently single, I’m a full time front desk assistant manager and im starting this job as a side hustle to make extra income and I’m all about fashion,health, and beauty.

I was honestly very excited I was about to be doing something I have always dreamed of! I recently was going through an awakening with my life and ived definitely had my ups and down and even hit rock bottom and that was the hardest for me and it’s crazy to realized how much things have opened for me and this is one of them looking back at my old self I realized I was always closed off to every opportunity that was given or offered to me because I lived in fear and overthinking on top of that in every situation. I was always so scared to try something new because I don’t know what was going to happen and I didn’t wanna be a failure. But I also wanted to make my parents proud that I could do something for myself without anyone’s help. So I took this opportunity to change my life and be my own boss and I want to help you build your dream job! This could be you too!

If you want to know more about the business and what this company has to offer swipe right! literally the best haircare, skincare & wellness!