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Thanks so much for stopping by, a quick insight on me!

I am a Mum to two amazing young people, I am blessed with an awesome 24 year old daughter and an incredible 15 year old son.

As my babies were growing up I found myself working extremely long days and weeks to provide a level of lifestyle we wanted to live. However, it was at a cost of me being a present mum and my health, which on both counts, disturbed me. I wanted to be a present mum, as well as a career woman within my own rights as well as being healthy enough to enjoy life with my loved ones.

I was very fortunate to have a friend that shared the potential of another option to adjust my lifestyle, income and health. Thank goodness I was open minded enough to take a look. My health issues were bloatedness, skin break outs and low energy and my body literally would just shut down after working 12 hour days and 10 day weeks. It quickly dawned on me, if I kept doing what I was doing, my job could easily replace me, but my family could not do the same. So my mindset and priorities changed.

Now as a woman in my mid 40s, my mission is to not only to assist other Mums with similar issues or concerns but women in general with all things well-being - to create a community of solid females that support, encourage and inspire each other to be our best. All within the realms of well-being, which to me means the state of being comfortable, healthy and or happy (with our selves, health and wealth) to overall give us peace of mind.

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