My journey with Monat 😍

Monat Hair and Skin

Hello beautiful souls! My name is Chessa and I am 24 years old. I live in Durham region, ON. I have a beautiful dog named Loki who is 4 and 5 spiders.

Here is a little about my background ...

Firstly I love animals and nature and simply being in the water (the ocean). I went to Durham College and took a 911 emergency and call centre communications diploma which I am very grateful for. The program taught me a lot and I carry along the knowledge that I learned over the years. Currently I decided to follow my dreams of pursuing another license (DZ) and work outdoors.

So why am I here? I have used many products on my hair and skin and simply have been ignorant to the ingredients in past products I’ve used. I’ve been using Monat shampoos, conditioners and styling products on my hair over the last several months and have found more confidence and mainly a huge overall difference in my hair. The products are non-toxic, vegan-free and have exclusive Monat ingredients.

My Instagram page shows a little about my daily life and my journey with my hair and skin products. 🥰

I needed hair and skin help and if you do I can help answer any of your questions and get you started on your hair and skin journey 💚

Check out the link below to get started with seeing what system would best fit your hair needs or even treatments/products that you may want to use

Dm me for a skin consultation if your interested.

Lastly did I mention you can be apart of the Monat team any day? 🤗

Have a happy hair and skin day 😘