Mary Puga

Hair. Extensions. Fashion. Travel

Je m’appelle Mary. I flunked Spanish in high school so opted to take French, fell in love with the language and aced it! Who knows how this works right?!

I am 19 years deep in my dream career and now I officially own my own salon. My own beauty parlor! I am officially a JZ Styles brand ambassador. What’s next you ask?! You’ll have to stay watching to find out✨

I hope to be here to motivate YOU into believing in yourself. Believe in your own dreams. Manifest IT into the universe. Your dreams won’t work, unless you do. So let’s help each other out and be the good this world needs.

Favorite quote: “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose”

It’s a Texas thing✨

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Cheveux’s Favorite Items

These are my tried and true products I have used daily on all my clients. I call these my Cheveux’s Favorites✨

Cheveux’s Favorites #1

Kevin Murphy✨ If your hair is feeling and looking dry, brittle, and ends breaking off then you definitely need to pick up some leave in repair love for your hair stat gurl! It’s a must in your at home hair care line. We carry this product line at the parlor. Venmo or credit card is accepted.

Cheveux’s Favorites #2

Session Spray Flex✨ This light hold hair spray is a great must have in your at home care. Venmo and credit card is accepted.

Cheveux’s Favorites #3

UNITE✨ 7 seconds detangler & leave in conditioner is perfect for every hair type and a great daily product. It’s a thermal protect and has UV rays protection in this spray.
Venmo and credit cards accepted.

Cheveux’s Favorites #4

JZ STYLES✨ I use all JZ Styles hot tools, from her curling iron, flat iron and her blow dryer. She recently came out with a 3 barrel waver and I’m excited to use that on my clients also. All JZ Styles hot tools can be purchased at the Parlor. J Wave curling Iron $120. The Storm Blow Dryer $110. JZ Jagger Barrel Waver $110. JZ Styler Straightener $95.Venmo and credit card is accepted.

Cheveux’s Favorites #5

JZ STYLES✨ Nothing is complete without the best hair brushes for your precious locks. We carry the full line of jz styles hair brushes. From her everyday boar bristle brush to a mini purse travel brush to her round brushes for the perfect volume your hair needs. All available for purchase at the Parlor. Each product is $21. Venmo and credit card is accepted.

Cheveux’s Favorites #6

Kevin Murphy✨ Wash and Rinse. This line carries several different types of washes and rinses and no two are the same. Stop by the parlor to pick one up for yourself. Each product varies from $29 to $45. Venmo and credit card is accepted.

Cheveux’s Favorites #7

K-18 ✨ This leave in repair mask is a must have for anyone with damaged, over processed hair. It will repair your hair from the hairs cuticle. Venmo and credit card is accepted.

Cheveux’s Favorites #8

JZ Styles Haircare✨ Prenup Shampoo and Sugar Daddy Conditioner now available at the parlor. Smells like a dream! Venmo and credit card is accepted.