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Financial Freedom For You & Your Whānau/Family

Nau Mai Haere Mai/Welcome 🌿

Heeeey everyone, My name's Chevonne.

I have a hubby and 2 beautiful children who are my main motivation for everything I do in life.

With everything that is currently going on in the world, my yearning to be able to live freely with my whānau doing whatever we like, whenever we like and however we want started to become increasingly overwhelming.

I am not naive in understanding money plays a big part in being able to achieve this. Don't get me wrong, I am so grateful for everything I already have in my life, but time is precious and we have to work so damn hard for it!

I had seen posts pop up about CashFX before but at the time I was really sceptical. Crypto currency was like a alien concept to me and what the heck is Forex Trading?
To be honest, my initial thoughts were..."Here we go another one of those things I can only actually make money if I sign people up 😒" lol
But watching and learning more about how it all works, I loved the fact that if I wanted to, I literally had to do NOTHING or have to be a crypto or forex trading expert to see returns.

After sitting on the fence for months, I decided, f##k it! And brought my first pack. I was willing to part with 300USD with the possibility of creating generational wealth and most importantly FREEDOM for my whānau!!!

I started in March 2021 and after about 6 months of seeing consistent weekly returns, I had already made back my initial investment. I could have withdrawn my money and called it a day, but that was way too easy, so I decided to leave my money in there to grow further and upgraded my account. Now, I was making even more every week and the best thing was, I practically had to do nothing to get it. Theeeen I was so happy with the results I again thought, f##k it! And started my very own family pack 😜

Week after week, little by little I can see my investment growing. I get excited by the fact that in a few years we could possibly be living the life we have always dreamed of without even having to win lotto haha. I actually wish I had jumped aboard sooner but hey, I'm here now and so happy I made the leap.

If you want to take the leap into investing into the future of yourself and your whānau/family. Let me know, I'm here to help.

DISCLAIMER- CFX is an educational platform and we are investing in a service.
All previous returns do not guarantee future results.
I do not know of one single person who has missed a weeks pay.
For tax please speak to your accountant.
DO NOT USE ANY CFX APP THERE IS NO CFX APP. It is not legitimate and you will lose your investment so please stick to the links below.

What is CashFX & How Does it Work?

In this video, my friend Phili will give on overview on CashFX and how it all works.

CashFX Overview

Getting Started with Cash FX

Philli shows us how to get started. Use these instructions to setup a Bitcoin wallet and your first account with CashFX.

External link

My CashFX referral link

Register your CashFX account here first and then go to the next step below to setup your Bitcoin wallet if you don't already have one.

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