You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf 🌊

🌿 About Me

My name is Cheyanne and I am a graduate from the University of Central Florida! CHARGE ON!! I absolutely love helping animals and I currently work as a veterinary technician while also volunteering for animal shelters and wildlife rescues (plus my Monat side bizzzz).

I have ALWAYS had thin, oily, damaged hair that seems to take years to grow. I have never been able to achieve the length and thickness that I really desired. I even turned to tape-in hair extensions in desperation to achieve the long, full volume look I always wanted. Needless to say I only further damaged and thinned my hair.

I was introduced to this company by a complete stranger! I watched her promote the products and what they did for her hair for months before deciding to reach out to her. I have only been using the hair products for a short period of time and I am completely in love with them! I can already tell a huge difference in the texture and volume of my hair. It’s so much softer, smoother, more voluminous, and less oily. I can even go 1-2 days between washes without having oily hair whereas I couldn’t even go ONE day without washing before. I am still new to the products so I can’t wait to share more updates on my personal experience and overall growth as time goes on!

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