Let’s Get Personal ☺️

✨Out With The Old, In With The New✨

Hey, hey! 👋🏻
If you’ve found your way here you may already know a bit about my journey, if not, let me fill you in! 👇🏻
My name is Cheyenne Brown. I’m 23 years old. I’m from a small town in East Tennessee. I’m a mom to a little boy. 💙 I’m 100+lbs down with pure intentions of becoming the best version of myself!

Here’s my story;
Early 2016 I graduated high school with college in my mind. I had began summer classes just a few months after graduation.
Little did I know that soon I would fall pregnant. Nervous, scared, unsure of my future, I dropped out of my college classes. I took up full time hours at work.

Fast forward to February
Excitement raced through my body as I sat in the waiting room to soon find out the gender of my 1st baby.
This is it.
I see my baby, but see no movement.
No flutter of the heartbeat.
No kicking feet.
The nurse steps out of the room.
The knot in my stomach grew ten fold.
Tears were already streaming down my face when the nurse returned with my Dr.
To confirm my deepest fears the words rang loud “I’m so sorry, your baby no longer has a heartbeat.”

Being so far along in my pregnancy I was given the option to deliver my baby.
March 2, 2017 I deliver my angel baby BOY, Koda Chance Brown 👼🏻

Depression setting in I turned to food, and food, and more food. I missed my baby.

I fell pregnant again just a couple months later.
Anxious and depressed I went to each appointment. I can still remember holding my breath until I heard the rhythmic sound of my baby’s heartbeat.
9 months pass with no complications and I go on to deliver a healthy baby boy, Ashton Chance Brown. 👶🏼 My greatest blessing ❤️

No one talked about my weight gain. No one opened my eyes. I couldn’t see it for myself. I went months continuing to aid my depression with food. It became an addiction.
I ate when I wasn’t even hungry.
I ate just to eat.

Moving on to October 27th 2018 at a birthday party for a friend’s little girl, a picture was taken that would change my life forever.
Later that night I was sent the image of my son riding a horse while I walked alongside him.

How did I not recognize the woman I had become?
There was no comfort for me, I could only cry.
Something had to change. I could only think about wanting to be around to see my son grow up and being apart of his active life to its fullest extent.

Search after search I decided to choose a diet I thought I could do.

Keto it was.

Weighing in at 276lbs my weight loss journey began.
None of it was easy. None of it was fun.
By October 27th 2019 I was 100lbs down!
I was on top of the world. I felt like an entirely different person.
Along that journey I gained strength and knowledge I didn’t know was possible. But I didn’t stop there.

I continued my path of a better me into 2020, I finally believed in myself.

March 2020 I was introduced to this wild idea of drinking ketones to fuel my body and give myself an energy boost, mental clarity, craving control, reduced bloat and increased fat loss.
Of course this was insane right?
As skeptical as I was, I bought a box of these powder packets.
Shockingly, I felt benefits after the first packet I had drank.
My first month drinking ketones opened up my life to a level of optimization I never seen myself obtaining.
I was happier, more energetic, a better mom, a better girlfriend, a better employee. I felt like I was living in the clouds! ⛅️

Soon after I realized that these weren’t just some scam I jumped head first into sharing them with everyone!
Every single person I know needed to know about how I was feeling, how immaculate these PTK made me feel.

Within the ketone drinkin’ community I found myself. Ive found a love, a passion, and a dream. I’ve made forever friendships with MY people.

And here we are, I’m continuing to become just 1% better every single day.