Cheyenne Palaone

Hey guys me and partner came across an investment platform we couldnt turn down, we've both now invested some money into cashfx/ crypto currency, where we both are getting paid weekly every Sunday we are getting paid from cashfx ..... there are many packs to pick from ! Starting $450nzl lowest and the highest pack you can invest in is 100,000k, I my self are on the 2kpack my partner is on the 1kpack what you invest is what you get back on what ever pack you decide to invest πŸ€‘

❄N0 you do not need to sign other people up to earn that income each week ! No you dont have to post or let anyone know you have invested or hpw much. NO YOU DO NOT GET TAXED on this money either.

πŸ’―YES you can withdraw the $money at anytime or you can use your profit you earn each week to reinvest in your own pack to buy tne next pack

Yes you can spend that money online ! In shops and withdraw that money out of the atm πŸ€‘ i use the money for my lifestyle its pretty much free money 😁

The reason im posting about this is because i want everyone out there to get paid for sleeping! This is a good opitunity to build your money big πŸ€‘ i know it sounds to good to be true but trust me this is legit its no joke dont get left behind like what we all did with bitcoin 10 years ago this is going to be the future ! Crypto currency πŸ€‘

Why save money ? In banks when they are printing money ? Why save money in banks ? When then only paying you 5cents a month for every $1,000 you have ?

Did you know if you only invested a small amout $450 nzl you would get paid every sunday ! $15 nzl !πŸ€‘ thats a total of $60 per month . And if you have 3k in your bank you wouldnt even get back 20cents ! Profit . But if you invest 3k into cashfx you would get paid every sunday ! No matter what 5 days trading ! At a total of $100 NZL per week !!! Thats a total of $400 profit per month and then banks are only paying you 20cents crazy right!!

Below you will see 3 links ! You must watch the first second and third link !!! The second link is very important! To watch as you will need to watch it as it shows you HOW to sign up its only 10min long which can make your lifestyle a dream in a few years 😁 once you have watched the 2 clips you will then need to go the the third link which say and is my referrel LINK to sign up / regester to cashfx

Note you will need To use a Gmail! Or create a gmail account to sigh up as it may not work useing others ☺

You will allso need to create a & easycrypto account . If you forget go back up and click on the second link and re watch the video it explains and shows you what to do 😁

Note you will want to save all ur log in details as you will need it for the future and note you may want to use a computer for signing up etc thanks xx

Short video explaining cashfx made from my friends emile & lourissa

External link

Steps on how to sigh up from my friend lourissa

External link

My referral link to use to create A cashFX accout

External link