Chiamaka’s Health & Wellbeing Program

Registered Nurse & Wellbeing Coach


I’m Chiamaka! A Registered Nurse and your healthy lifestyle & wellbeing coach. I’ll be sharing great tips and products, which can boost yours & your family’s immune system, help you to stay mentally strong and eat clean throughout the day. Thus aiming to combat obesity, diabetes, manage your appetite and achieve ideal weight & body mass index (BMI).

Our aim is to promote healthy lifestyle amidst the Covid 19 pandemic and the challenges of the 21st century. I encourage you to please step up and make that choice to change your life for the betterment of your family and future.

A healthy weight and strong immune system can be achieved through using JuicePlus products which I myself have tried and tested as your honourable JuicePlus supplier!!!

I’ve got several, tips, ideas and products that can help you to incorporate plant-based vegan diet and products into your meals. So join me in a life changing journey of resilience and consistently implementing great life choices and habits.

A journey to transform our health and achieve body goals that will change your outlook on life and all that is attainable to you.m through fitness and healthy living.

My Top Picks

Eat a Clean and Healthy Balanced Diet

The overall aim is to use the products as regularly as possible so to incorporate the shakes and boosters into your daily eating habits.

The JuicePlus capsules can be taken once daily as a supplement and its vegan friendly constituted of 30 fruits and vegetables in a capsules.

Take the boosters 30 mins before each meal to curb your appetite and reduce your calorie intake by more than 25%.


A healthy breakfast helps stir your day in the in the tight direction. Start with the complete plus boosters and Berry fruits and vegetables capsules; to kick start your day, then have your favourite avocado-egg toast for breakfast.


Take a lunch break to salivate the buds and enjoy a nice protein filled low fat Chicken Caesar Salad


Take the complete plus booster 30 minutes before every meal and then Replace your dinner with a preferred Shake vanilla or chocolate flavoured.

Our Testimonials

Weight Management

You can simply join JuicePlus program by ordering our boosters and shakes as our basic plan for weight management. I will be supporting you with your journey to good health and wellbeing with healthy recipes for meal planning and detox recipes to kickstart yourself too. So stay active, go for walks and runs or go to the gym and see yourself lose the weight fast in addition to using our products.

It’s tried and tested by so many people who are singing praises to me and my program. It has changed their lives for the best.

JuicePlus+ is Vegan Friendly.

Clinically researched and proven to improve your health.

Try it now and thank me later!!!

Skin testimonials

Acne treatment for all skin types

Many customers have testified about my products, which support their skin health giving them confidence and a lustrous glow like never before. This is revolutionary and a breakthrough. Our protective plus combination of JuicePlus products are superb at giving you the well needed boost and replenished vitamins you need to get your glow on !!! Check them out ASAP!

Pregnancy Testimonial

Nona’s Testimony

This is Nona and a couple of years ago her doctors told her that she had 2.5% chances of getting pregnant. This was devastating but Nona felt she had to change her health and lifestyle so to achieve her dream of being a mum. Nona was introduced to JuicePlus where she embarked on a new journey to improve her health. She started on the JuicePlus combination protective plus bundle and soon started noticing changes in her health. After 3 years on our JuicePlus products, amazingly Nona became pregnant and now she is a proud mum and a JuicePlus ambassador who believes deeply in our company and products!!! We make no medical claims none mistaken but the lifestyle changes made along with the capsules ie Omega Berry Fruits and vegetables blend + made a huge difference to Nona’s life for the better.

So what are you waiting for? Make that change!

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