What is Chica Chats all about?

Chica Chats is hosted by Kendy and Rocio. We are two Latinas tackling tricky conversations. Each episode highlights a different topic that is dissected with sincerity, humor, and brashness. We bring a sense of acceptability and openness to taboo topics and have essential discussions surrounding queer and BIPOC communities .

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Meet the Chicas

Co-host Ken (she/they)

Kendy, preferably goes by Ken, is 25 years old and was born in Mexico. She came to the United States when she was three years old and has a passion for honoring and displaying the beauty of her culture through various mediums.

Ken engages in photography, poetry, video/sound editing and painting. They believe in activism in all forms, treating people with kindness and never taking herself too seriously!

Through Chica Chats, she wants to create a sense of community and openness to topics of sexual freedom, societal roles and gender norms.

Meet the Chicas

Co-host Rocio (she/her)

I’ve always been a curious person. Growing up I appreciated hearing about other people’s stories. I carry a very vivid memory as a child when my dad and I would make our way through our neighborhood and chat with our family friends. I was enthralled by their daily lives and uphill battles they shared with us.

Late night comedy shows on Comedy Central and Adult Swim also helped fuel my curiosity and taught me about the power of conversation.

As I grew older, I continued to learn and appreciate more about other people’s point of views in the context of comedy. Perspectives and insight from others inspired me to create my own content through podcasting. Online creatives motivated me to take a chance on my own childhood dream of one day becoming a serious content creator. Fast forward to 2018, I interned for a Podcast and met Ken.

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