Who are ‘Chicks & Balls’?

Chicks & Balls The Podcast has been created by a couple of chicks who grew up with their Dad's and many of the family and friends around them heavily involved in the world of NRL. They were the kind of kids rarely seen without some kind of ball in their hands and recall most dinner table conversations situated around a score, a win or a loss happening on some kind of field.

This saw them emerge as women with a lot to say about the hottest news and topics in the world of sports. 

These chicks have loved watching the rise of fan and former athlete-led platforms in the media over the past few years, but haven't ever felt quite comfortable enough to jump in on the discussions in the mostly male dominated comments sections.

So, sick of keeping their thoughts limited to a group message and knowing there are plenty of others out there who want a safe space for these discussions too, they've decided to jump in front of a mic. 

Each week you'll hear Marlee Silva, Keely Silva and Georgia Moore dissect the top headlines and key goings on across the sports media landscape. 

Bringing fresh ideas and perspectives, as well as in-depth, exclusive interviews with some of Australia's best athletes, this pod is sure to be one for anyone and everyone who gives a damn about sport and how it plays an impact - on and off the field - in a society that prides itself as being a 'Sporting Nation'.