Amy is a Black / Indigenous Queer Femme, bilingual journalist, consultant & plus size content creator

As a journalist, I’ve covered breaking stories in New York City, Indigenous news in Canada, and the intersection of identity and pop culture while the National Affairs Correspondent at ABC/Univision joint-venture, Fusion, in Miami. I even moderated a panel on Indigenous media at the United Nations.

As a content creator, I focus on fashion and style as a form of personal and collective liberation. I absolutely love seeing and experiencing self-expression through fashion. Similar to the regalia that you see on dancers at a pow wow, I’m incredibly intentional about how I choose to adorn myself. Each item is significant in some way and very often tells a story.

Growing up, I never saw babes like me and bodies like mine in the media. Each and every time I proudly share a photo of myself, I’m expressing radical self-love. By taking up space on people’s timelines, I hope to inspire other marginalized folx to do the same. I hope that my self-love is contagious and that you feel it, too. We all deserve to love ourselves and be loved in return.

I hold a M.A. in Journalism (CUNY J-School) and a B.A. in Spanish & Philosophy (Mount Holyoke College).

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The Chickahominy Fight

Runtime: 11min

“The Chickahominy Fight” is an 11 minute documentary about my Tribe’s fight for federal recognition. I shot, edited, wrote, voiced this piece.

My Tribe was finally recognized by the federal government in 2017 when DT/41 signed H.R.984 (The Thomasina E. Jordan Indian Tribes of Virginia Federal Recognition Act of 2017).

There are more than 574 federally recognized Tribes. There are hundreds more that are state recognized and even more that are not recognized at all.

Federal recognition is a very hot topic in Indian Country for many reasons. Being Native American/Indigenous is not just a cultural or ethnic identity, but a political one. Federally recognized Tribes are considered sovereign nations and can decide who is a member and even issue passports. (Whether other nations recognize those passports is dependent on the nation’s view of Indigenous sovereignty.)

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