Rise Against Child Hunger

Take Action With No Kid Hungry

All across the Philippines, Rise Against Child Hunger is working to make sure kids are able to get the food they need, every day.

About Us

Through child hunger advocacy - we work with elected officials and government agencies to strengthen and improve the programs that kids rely on, and make sure our supporters have the chance to raise their voices on important issues. Our advocacy efforts are critical today, with so many more children facing hunger because of the coronavirus. Right now, one of our many goals is to expand programs that feed children.

How Can You Help Make A Difference?

1. Volunteer: Spend a weekend this fall making a difference in your own community. Local food banks and pantries offer a wide variety of volunteer opportunities, many of which are kid-friendly. Get started by reaching out to your local food bank.
2.Organize a community food drive: Work with your child’s classroom or afterschool programs to start a food drive. Your child will experience the good feeling of giving back and will be inspired by how eager others are to help. 
3.Set up a donation jar at home: Make a DIY collection jar with your kids for spare change, and encourage them to contribute to it when they can. You can even set a goal that the entire family can contribute to together. 
4.Download Feeding Children Action Plan: Raising big-hearted children starts right at home. Feeding Hungry to Help Children Action Plan can help – the plan includes family conversation starters on hunger, hands-on family activities and ways to teach your kids the importance of caring for others. 

Service Call

This is one of the most popular services available. It’s made a big difference for many children, and is provided with the highest level of excellence. With your services, we ensure to connect your help to those in need. Whenever you work with Child Hunger Advocate, you can trust that your help is in great hands.

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