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Childish Briyana

Hey guys! Thank you for all the love and support I’ve been getting 💙! If you are new here This is a link to my YouTube channel! I will be playing all types of games and eventually might add in other content. Subscribe please!💙 New videos every week🤍

Last of Us Part 4 is up now!!🎮

Last of Us Part 2🦋

Get to Know Me✨

First Gaming Vid🎮!

Get to Know Me🛸 —

What you should know about me :)

Hi there! I’m Briyana but I’m trying to be known as Childish Briyana. I’m an aspiring YouTube Gamer and eventually want to make my own game. Here’s what you can know about me:
Age: 19
B-day: Valentine’s Day💙 (bonus: I’m an Aquarius!)
Favorite hobby: creating. Just creating in general. Art, music, content, makeup, nails. I also enjoy making people laugh
Fun Fact: I have a birthmark on my elbow that’s shaped like some sort of island. I also have an obsession with butterflies

I love music and making people happy. I hope to be an escape for you through these trying times. I’m here if you ever need someone to listen and vent to. I want a community who looks out for each other🦋

Check out this Video to learn more✨