About Us

Holy Rollers

Hello! We are the Holy Rollers, a bubbly and unique bunch of people. We love to make people have a good time and be happy. We all have odd brains but we are as kind as anyone else. To join, you must WALK THE WALK. Depending on your level, (there is no level limit here) It would be where we walk to. If you can go to Epona, we would walk from Valedale to New Hillcrest. If not, we walk from Valedale to the Holy Tree. Now a bit of an explanation, aka the inside the club.

The creator

Meet the creator

Lily Winterluck

Hi! I’m Lily. I am the creator of the Holy Rollers, but please, don’t treat me differently. I’m just like everyone else. I want everyone to feel as if they are with a real family here.
I am an oddball. And yeah, that’s it basically. Feel free to message me :)

Sister Joseph

Welcome to our team

Hello, we are Sister Joseph. We love Jesus and Shrek. If you join our team, you get the new Shrek 36043, and you go to our Shrek Swamp Spa. You get toe licks and foot rubs, and most importantly, scalp massages. We love scalp massages. Shrek will love you a lot if you join. Or he will hate you if you don’t. We are the best no matter what Mother Mary says. >:3

Mother Mary

Welcome to our team

Leader: Grace Sweetson
Co leader: Andreyna Pandawater, Charlotte Shortflower

We are Mother Mary’s. We are the best team ever as we have Pingu and Peppa pig. We want YOU to join Mother Mary today or you will be missing out on a great opportunity. If you join we have parties every day. Like we said, “JOIN MOTHER MARY’S UWU”

Don’t understand teams?

Let’s tell you!

We have two different rival teams; Mother Mary and Sister Joseph.
Sister Joseph hates God but loves Jesus, and it’s the other way round with Mother Mary.
We won’t hate you on what team you are on. It’s just used for fun, and events :)