Chingkai Chikadora

Chingkai Chikadora is the hosting entity of Rachel Mae. She started her professional hosting career in the year 2013 with no official screen name.

On 2014, Rachel Mae has been given a screen name with her disk jockey collegue as Chingkai Chikadora. The screen name given was based with her nickname Ching and the pet name from her aunt, Kai was combined together forming --Chingkai. With her characteristic of being lively and bubbly most of the time as the 'chikadora', she was branded as Chingkai Chikadora.

Since then, she never changed her entity and continued to explore the hosting industry.

As this blog was created to promote and share her advocacies to the public not just being the quoted "Chingkai Chikadora" on stage but on the real entity of Rachel Mae. Exploring her adventures for the love for community, passion for music and heart for nature.

Featuring local Restaurant in Cagayan de Oro --Thai Me Up. More pictures will be shown on the next blog entitled #IRecommend.



Thai Me Up Restaurant

Thai Me Up is a home grown restaurant from Cagayan de Oro City that serves Thai Food.

Bringing the feels of Thailand through its delicacies that is being prepared with passion and heart filed with happiness to share.

#IRecommend Five (5) favorate Thai Food by Thai Me Up who captures my heart, filled up my tummies and satify my food cravings. A must try for you my sun flowers 🌻.

You may check out more of their dishes offered in their official facebook page: @thaimeup and keep updated for promos. To at least help the government in promoting safety in this Covid-19 pandemic, Thai Me Up is available on Streetby, GrabFood and Food Panda.

Try it now sun flowers 🌻 and surely your empty tummies will be happy. 😍

Thai Spring Roll

Minced chicken, shrimp, mushroom and vermicelli rolled in flour wrapper and fried achieving the perfect golden brown color and crispiness in every bite is a must try appetizer. 😋

Pomelo Salad

A go to dish that surely describes healthy and yummy! Pomelo is drizzed with lime coconut dressing, shrimp, chicken, roasted peanuts & fresh herbs is well blended together. Perfect anywhere, anytime. My top pick indeed! 😍

Tom Yum Goong

The scent added to the soup is aromatic. Lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, fresh coriander and shrimp is perfect most especially when cuddle weather. 💕

Pad Thai

Perfect anytime! Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, Dinner, Parties shared or not --still fitted. Rice noodles with chicken, egg, shrimp, tofu, beansprouts, cilantro & peanuts is expectacularly a go to dish with or without rice. 😍

Thai Bagoong Fried Rice

Fried rice is cooked in shrimp paste topped with green mango, eggs, cucumber, sweet pork & cilantro. This dish is a splash! Perfect combo meal filled with much flavor. 😋


Must Do during Covid-19 pandemic

It seems like Covid-19 pandemic is staying long enough. We suffer from pain, fear and depression. These feelings are way more dangerous that it says like.

Pain, such a short word but cuts deeper than it is. It may be a result from longing and anger. Fear for safety. Depression comes from a mixed of emotions, pilling up from pain, anxiety, fear, anger and loneliness. Thinking negatively during this pandemic will not be a help. Positivity must prevail to fight this deadly Covid-19.

So the following will be a health reminder for you my sun flowers 🌻 to always be responsible enough and help each other towards success. I know for sure, one day we will freed ourselves in this chain of dealy Covid-19.

Social Distancing

For me, our priority for now is to distance ourselves to each other. It doesn't mean, you have a little home you cannot apply this. Even if you distance yourself a meter to each other, it may turn to be a big help.

Hugs and kisses is a No, No for now. Just for now only. And most especially if there is a need to go out of the house, always remember to distance ourselves to anybody.

Wash our hands regularly

We MUST wash our hands from time to time. Avoid touching your face, eyes, nose and mouth We do not want the virus get into us, right?

In washing our hands, always use a soap or a hand wash gel and run a clean water to wash it. Dry it out with clean towel or tissue.

Wear a mask and a face sheild

Be mindful that the oxygen we breathe are all the same so when going out from house, always wear a mask and a face sheild.

We may dislike using face sheild due to limited air to breathe but on a contrary, wearing it protects us from dust and dirt that possible a different virus may exist.

It is better to be more concious than to be more laxed and doing things like the pandemic never exist.

Always Disinfect

Disinfecting includes using either an Alcohol or a hand sanitizer. Since washing our hands sometimes not possible due to we are out of the house, we may have these two to still clean our hands from time to time. Since our hands are more prone on getting dirt, do avoid touching our face, nose, eyes and mouth.

Follow Heath Protocols

We may have observe that most of us hardly follow our government due to politics issues. Yet, there is no perfect government. We choose our leaders because we wished to have a clean and democratic country.

I have posted this on twitter and will use this again, quoted "follow our government on health protocols, if not at least be responsible enough with your actions."

Do not put more delimma on todays sufferings. Rise up and let us help each other beat this Covid-19 Pandemic. Be equiped by listening & reading the news carefully. Avoid spreading fake news and stay at home as possible. Dahil ligtas and may alam, sun flowers 🌻😊

Fighting Depression. . .

HOW I FIGHT DEPRESSION Hi Sunflowers! 🌻 What a wonderful life to live and celebrate. Today,  my blog is a little sensitive to talk to. We are all living in our outmost best to survive life. I am in my early 20's and I am proud and loud to say,  I had depression and was slowly able over come it. Most of us,  especially in todays situation, COVID-19 Pandemic is no joke at all. Not just because its deadly but it brings so much stress and depression to everyone. We heard so much with STRESS and DEPRESS in the most negative way. Human being whose characteristics are unique and adaptive, we tend to adjust on Covid-19 occurence. We are on a trial and error process in which the increasing rate of Non-Covid-19 death is dangerous. Originally,  the normal life we had is slowly fading and the birth of the new norm is rising. On Industries, many struggles with the 30-50 percent  accomodations while maintaining the strict health protocols. Much of the industries declared bancrupy. Many employees turned unemployed. Above all,  students goes online or module education. According to datas presented by the Department of Education, over 70 percent of student population turned out of school youth due to NO internet connection or hassle module learning. In todays situation, I have and will have more struggles ahead. Why my depression occur and how did I manage it? Well,  to tell you frankly I am a type of person who's bravery is beyond measurable. But with the current situation,  my bravery was questioned. In the Philippines, the pandemic and strict lockdown was announced in mid-March of 2020. We are all locked up in our own home with No work,  no pay,  and budgetted food to eat only. Many were thankful as the President announced NO COLLECTION OF PAYMENT for all loans,  rents and bills in time of lockdown. I am one of those. After 3 months of strict lockdown, industries were given a chance to open their businesses and the nightmare occured. A disastrous nightmare to all who has to pay bills,  rents and loans is immeasurable. With lots of unemployed,  loans,  rents and bills collectors became monster on collecting payments. I rarely cry but I did when I spoke with the legal officer of my motorcycle loan company. The company is asking us to pay the full amount of the delayed motorcycle payment. I cried because I am furious and upset to the company at the same time. I know they need to survive because they need to pay the salary of their employees but they must show sympathy to us too. My anger grow even more to think I paid for 2 freaking years of the 3 years already. We are not going anywhere. For goodness sake! They filed the motorcycle for Repo-- (2nd hand) so they may resell it again. Jesus! How should I calm down? Thank God,  the legal officer is very understanding and gave us 1 month to pay the delayed whole payment. But still I cannot complete that payment. Its too much. 11 thousand pesos is too much to handle with this pandemic! Everything isn't normal at all?! I cried everyday for 2 weeks thinking, searching where to get that money,  calculating everything! On the other hand,  I ask help to my brothers thinking they may help me with this since I help them most EVERYTIME and this is the first time I will be needing their help but I got insulted in return. The other proudly said, "I will help you pay that motorcycle but I cannot give much since I have two kids to raise." Hearing those words made my eyebrows flinch. In my head,  "Wow,  how arrogant you sounded boy. I provide 75 percent of my salary to feed your two kids whom you left to us because you just give a dime that is not worth a cover." Then,  I ask my other brothers and for the second time they just said sarcasticlly,  "You're asking a help from us who suffers from shortage." I got furious,  I cannot contain it anymore. I told them,  I seek help just this time and you feel  and sounded so arrogant. They told me, "Go get and live for yourself." I felt stabbed and it hurts so much. I worked hard to pay that for 2 years so that they can go to school easily. I sent them to school, give everything they ask and I get this in return. I feel cheated. I cried hard. Hard enough to turn my heart stone-cold. I continued to smile whenever others looked but I cry river when I'm alone. I cry my heartaches to God. I asked His guidance and love to penetrate me so I may feel I am loved. I have read a quote saying, "Give up on what weighs you most." I tried it and after 2 weeks,  I feel a little fine. I fight my depression by asking His guidance and love. And if you do not know how,  I tell you,  you may cry river and be vulnerable to Him but do PRAY because the most powerful thing to fight depression is by praying. Surrender all your thoughts and pain, let go of your pride and arrogance and let Him love you for who you are. 😊 Thank you for reading my blog. Praying for good health and your peace of mind,  my Sunflowers! 🌻😊 Love, Chingkai 💕