Digital Pet Art

Creating lovable digital art of your pets at a cheap price!

A small digital art business. I created artwork for you and your gorgeous pets. Usually create birds but I love trying new things and exploring our creative freedom. Give me a shot at making your day!

Costs will vary. Accepting tips, requests, etc worldwide. All transactions are done through paypal.
I am a beginner artist, this would help me a lot if you gave me a chance :)

About me :) the artist!

Let me tell you about myself!

I am a teenage artist who has recently gotten into art, especially bird art. I have 5 budgies/parakeets, which I absolutely love with my whole heart! You can find their instagram in the links of this site. Please give them a follow to see their silly antics! 😙

I find myself better at more sketch than digital, though I decided to try digitally after seeing many gorgeous pieces all across the internet. It inspired me a lot! And I am glad to have tried!

Almost all art pieces take 3+ hours and I try to make it animated-neat looking but also appealing and realistically close to the original photo/subject.

I am currently going to highschool and I am located in Canada. My goal for this little 'side business' is to get around 50 people to purchase digital art! :) If possible, please share and forward me. I would HIGHLY appreciate it! I hope you'll consider buying from me, I promise I will not let you down! And I want to improve for my future goal of enduring art of some sort.

Thank you for reading!
- chirperart owner


Very cheap prices!

For a simple piece like the examples, it will be $5 that is for 3 animals or less.
Adding on more than 3 animals will cost $2 per animal.

Tips are highly appreciated. All transactions are through paypal at the moment.

Once again you can DM us via Instagram or contact through gmail ([email protected])

Please be patient for the response time.

After you pay, the wait time for the artwork itself will be 2+ days. I will notify you if it takes longer than 3 days, or if there is others waiting for their request in-front of you.

How To Order

If you'd like a step by step, read below!

**Reminder:** Make sure to check my examples and Instagram page so you don't have any confusion!

First things first, contact me! Either Instagram DMs (@chirperart link below) or gmail ([email protected])

Tell me you'd like art. Please be patient for a response. Response time: 1 hour-2 days unless otherwise. I respond faster to Instagram DMs.

After I reply, you must send *at least* 3 CLEAR photos of your pet. Please know, if the photos are not clear, I unfortunately can not create artwork of your pet.

Along with sending the photos, please specific if you want any accessories on your pet, the color background you'd like (or I can choose).*

After I respond, I will tell you the total price of the artwork, and I will also send you
1. My paypal information for you to pay.
2. My tip jar.

You must pay before I begin creating any work. Otherwise, I will not create art of your pet.

*If you have two pets or more you want art of, I will try to put them in the same frame, if not possible I will make seperate artwork of both, no extra cost of course! :)

The wait time for artwork is around a week at the latest, you will be notified if it takes over 3 days to complete. And I will provide you a reasoning too, if needed. Remember, I am a full time student, therefore wait time can vary, I'm sorry. :(

Hope you consider buying! DM or email any questions, concerns, etc!