Chloè Roissere

Self-Taught, Amateur Author

Currently, I am in the process of writing three books. One, about a killer called Serial cheX that creates a reign of terror over the United States due to his random killings from the west to the east coast. The victims are found mutilated beyond belief. Yet there is perfect beauty in them too. They are found with a huge red lipstick stained "X" in the middle of their foreheads. A clue that he'll stop at ten victims, or will it rise to an even higher level for those the pursue the killer.

Two is "Aria" a creature given life when she is expelled from an inverted black hole at the time of "the big bang". Yes, she is millions of years old. She can become anyone and anything. No, she is not a " shifter" she is far more than that. Aria isn't like us. She doesn't feel emotions as we do. She is as cold as the deep space she has lived in all alone. But now she wishes to observe life on earth by slowly becoming a member of the human race. Either she can be taught our ways, or we may lose all that we care about or love. Ever wonder why the earth is the only indigenous planet in our solar system? Fear has a name, and that name is: Aria.

Third, "Song Of The Raptor" easier if you check it out on the Webnovel app.