I help you overcome the obstacles in your mind by strategizing and creating individualized action plans to become the best version of yourself in business & life.

A few years back I was celebrating one of my biggest accomplishments as walking off the Worlds Stage for Competitive Cheerleading, little did I know that celebration would be cut short!

A few months later I slipped and fell smashing my entire left side of my face on a cement floor.

Needless to say the concrete was unforgiving as it left me with a Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) 🧠.

My entire world changed, I can even remember laying in bed just wanting to die.

I had to relearn many things that you and I would both have taken for granted such as balancing, speaking, dexterity, cognition, to regaining pieces of my memory & yes even how to set my own alarm clock. It was awful!

I felt hopeless as depression and anxiety entangled itself into every aspect of my life, but I found a way to persevere.

Although life was not what I was expecting, through personal development I have been able to pivot, turning my passion in business.

I have continued to raise my level of resilience in all things from developing relationships to raising my standards.

Now I want to share with others how they to can achieve success.

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