Hey, welcome to my page!

I’m Chloe! It’s nice to meet you :)

Have you ever wondered who you truly are?
Well so did I. I wanted to find out who I truly was, how people on the outside saw me. So I set out on this journey that I am in no way, shape or form done with yet. Want to join me? Let’s go!

My name is Chloe, I’m 19 and a single mum. I started trying to figure out who I truly was when I realized how unhappy I was with the life I was living. I didn’t have many friends, I wasn’t motivated to do anything but take care of my son and I didn’t want to do anything I enjoyed doing before. Everything became a chore.

I started talking to new people and making new friends. I started doing the things I missed doing and I opened myself up to  opportunities I never even knew existed. I allowed myself to step out of my comfort zone and really start exploring who I am.

After asking some people and talking to people about who they see vs what I see, I realized I am very negative with myself and I hold myself back from a lot of what makes me unique.

I am the type of person who just wants to spread love and help people but I never truly understood how I was supposed to make that happen while being stuck where I was.

So by getting out of my “rut” I’ve realized that you can’t help people unless you help yourself first.

By helping myself I fell back in love with cooking, art, hair and make up. All things I stopped doing creatively because I felt like I was “just a mum”. By helping myself I have made new friends and have began to fall in love with life. I love being outdoors especially when it’s not cold and I love animals and nature in general. My biggest passion in my life other than being a mum is helping people. No matter what. I want to help people and someday hopefully change the world.

If you want help changing your life, stick with me. I’ll get you there, I promise!