Life is 10% What Happens to You and 90% What You Do About It

Discover Possibility

Hey lovelies! I’m Chloe :)

I am currently on the path of building the life I was meant to live. For some of you that may be working a 9-5 and having a set routine, but for me it’s different. I see myself working a job that makes me happy. Something that makes me never want to stop building, never want to stop working, and never wanting to give up. A job that allows me to have freedom, freedom to travel, freedom to spend time with family, and freedom to live life. For me, that’s MONAT.

One day I will accomplish all of those things, but for now I’m working my butt off to achieve them. I’m working 2 part time jobs that definitely keep me busy and I’m still hustling to promote MONAT so I can help create beautiful lives by transforming people’s hair, skin, and wellness. It is tiring at times and sometimes I don’t want to do it at all, but dreams don’t work unless you do.

It took me about a year to finally take the leap to join MONAT and I’m so glad I did! This journey has changed who I am as a person. It’s made me more confident in myself and helped me to see who I really am. I can definitely say I’ve had a glow up, but before that I had the lowest self-esteem, I got bullied, I felt left out, and I could hardly look at myself in the mirror. But now, after using these products and having them give my curls definition and life, having them turn my acne ridden, dull skin, to soft, glowing, plump skin I can now look at myself in the mirror and say “Hey, you’re beautiful” and actually believe what I’m saying. Having more self-confidence has made me a more positive, loving, and happy person and I couldn’t be more grateful for MONAT.

I was always looking for a way to help people, a way to change the world, and in a sense, this is it. If people feel the way I felt after using these products, more happy, more loving, and more confident, they too can change the world and together we can all live in happiness. I know that sounds a little corny and sappy but really that’s how it feels. Seeing how you can change a person’s life just by recommending them a shampoo is amazing.

I’m so excited and ready to continue to help people and change lives along the way! Do you want to join me in this journey and transform people’s lives? Contact me today and together we’ll change the world 🤍

What is MONAT

MONAT is Modern Nature

MONAT is naturally based, anti- aging hair care, skin care, and wellness. That has a community built on family, love, gratitude, and culture.

MONAT goes by the European FDA on what ingredients can go in our products. So, no parabens, sulfates, cruelty free, and leaping bunny certified. 1,328 harmful chemicals banned rather than the U.S.’s 11. We are the only hair care company with clinically proven studies of hair regrowth.

MONAT is about giving back and building a community. We strive to help create beautiful lives.