Hey gorgeous humans

I’m just an ambitious girl that has dreams to chase whilst living the dreams I’ve already made successful

Chloé Thompson, 22 years old, Mum of a boxer called Nala, girlfriend to Jake and Owner of Lionesses. Built business of women just like me who are wanting to be their best selves. I was that girl that knew I wanted more out of life, knew something was missing, knew I could do so much more in life but what?! How?! I didn’t know where to start.

I already had the heart for caring for other people, I helped people in sport and I cared for the elderly for a few years. These sort of jobs kept my heart warm but my financial situation not. I got into lots of debt and couldn’t afford anything for myself, lost my flat and couldn’t keep my car on the road.
I then came across an opportunity that changed everything in such a short amount of time. I could help others, get paid for doing so and build my own successful business from doing it. The best part was it was all from my phone alongside working a full time job.. What would I have to loose?

6 months later, I now work from home full time. Building a business alongside my crazy lifestyle with my little family. I can honestly say I’m the best version and healthiest version of myself and I’m starting to live my best life! Building a successful business from the comfort of my own home with the ones I love and a team of like minded beautiful women.