Name: Choi Jaehyun
Birthday: June 9th, 1992 (29 years old)
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Family: Choi Jaeyoung (twin), Mother, Father
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Color: Light Blue
Education: Konsei University
Occupation: Co-Owner of Oasis
Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: Asexual, Panromantic

Personality: ENTP - Debater
Jaehyun is a bold and creative individual, having a very straightforward personality, capable of rebuilding ideas with great mental agility. He enjoys a challenging conversation, thriving on the process of deconstructing arguments to achieve a strategic goal. Due to his analytical nature, he is on a constant quest for knowledge, having developed a great sense of understanding opposing concepts or individuals. As much as he loves discussing and coming up with new concepts, he loathes the idea of putting them into practice, which is why he needs someone to carry on the work for him. He is also the type of person who would say it is fun to watch people argue. Because of his debater trait, he enjoys having humorous arguments with his close ones, but that can also make it difficult for others to get along with him. Despite everything, Jaehyun is an emphatic person. He is willing to help others in need, knowing when to cross the line on his otherwise playful conversational skills.

- his twin
- anything his twin likes
- swimming
- basketball
- equitation
- hibiscus
- tea
- fluffy blankets

- anything his twin dislikes
- beating it around the bush
- melons
- lies



Jaehyun and Jaeyoung, his brilliant twin, have lived picture-perfect life. Born into a modest family, the news of twins was well-received and the boys were given the love, affection, and support any child should be offered.

Despite being fraternal twins and their appearances changing the more they advanced in life, that didn't let the pair pull them apart. Jaehyun always felt that together with his twin they constituted a soul which decided to split into two individuals. They always gravitated around each other, doing everything together and sharing their passions regardless of what it would be. They were each other's best friends, hiding nothing from each other, sharing all their secrets, building some of their own that no one would ever get to discover.

Despite being the younger (by a little less than a minute), Jaehyun grew up being rather overprotective of his twin. If Jaeyoung was the beginning, Jaehyun would be the ending and he had to make sure his twin was safe.

That was until high school started, the turning point in their personalities. Jaehyun became curious, hungry for knowledge and studying, yet his affinity to his twin never faded. Talking about their newly found hobbies and interests was always on their to-do list, but as Jaeyoung became keener on exploring his sexuality, Jaehyun was more curious about his career path and what he would like to pursue in life. He went on a few dates and shared the bed with several high school mates, both girls and boys, yet that didn't encourage him into the same direction as his twin (even if he often spoiled his brother with diverse connections from his activities).

Entering the same college was a given. Jaehyun and Jaeyoung decided that it was better to give each other more space to accommodate a new development as they grew up separately, building up their own unique selves. They moved separately, but not too far away from each other, after trying to live together for the first year. It was a decision both agreed on with a heavy heart. It was a somewhat cold splash of water to the realization that they both really did grow into different identities, but in Jaehyun's eyes they still completed each other. However, it was beautiful to watch his twin grow into a better version of himself, always having been supportive of his art and projects. With all that, it didn't mean Jaehyun didn't often find himself talking alone to an empty presence, only to realize his brother wasn't there. But he was just a call away, so he did not have to despair.

If high school had been the time for Jaeyoung to dive into his curiosities regarding sexuality, Jaehyun took his turn during college, when he started dating more seriously. He was often the type to think of interactive dates, preparing different trips and choosing to spend quality time, yet he was hit with a common complaint: too little sexual activity. It wasn't that he didn't find pleasure in such practices, he just favored a different kind of connection which excited his intellect more than the lustful cravings. It came as a shock to him when two of his partners cheated on him for that very reason. Out of his heartbreak, he felt betrayed because of the lies hidden in a relationship and the dishonesty.

There had always been a quiet acknowledgement between him and his twin that they always felt when one or the other was in a bad or high mood. It was just a twins matter, hard to explain to outsiders. After his cheating situation, Jaeyoung already knew something was wrong and their next meeting led to a very long session of cuddles with his twin, analyzing and trying to understand himself better. The conclusion was that sex just wasn't his cup of tea. He reckoned it was better to state his preferences from the beginning to avoid such a situation in the future.

“Oasis” was the idea both him and his twin put together and brought alive in the city which offered them a lot of opportunities and memories. They currently work together to offer the best services and a sanctuary to the customers who choose their establishment for a little break from the crazy city life. Jaehyun focuses on extending the business and opening more points across the country, but at the moment, they are focusing on maintaining a good service with their current location.