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Art | @arsiniia_ 🥰


Frequently Asked Questions

Q : What are your published stories?
A : Tattoo My Soul ( Limelight, Choices that Matter, 1 original LI and 2 others in the background, 1 ending (maybe 4 but only time will tell), art scenes, ongoing {1-6 published})

Q : How often do you update?
A : That depends on whether it’s an exam period or not. I’m a university student and have exams every late January - mid February and June - July so during those periods I won’t be able to update. Other than that, I try to update as frequently as possible. My goal is to publish 2-3 episodes every month. The date when I update is usually mentioned in my bio as well as how many episodes are going to be published!

Q : Do you accept requests?
A : Nope. Not even a chance.

Q : Do you accept trades?
A : No I don’t.

Q : Do you do follow for follow?
A : No. I only follow accounts which have content I’m interested in.

Q : Can you read my story?
A : I have a story recommendation link. Fill that out! If you direct message me and ask me to read your story, I won’t be reading it.

Q : Do you do Read for Read?
A : Yes I do! But keep in mind, I won’t be reading your story until you’ve shown me at least one screenshot from the last episode you’ve read. I don’t care if you tell me you read it, I won’t believe you until you show me proof you did so. (Sorry if this sounds rude but I’ve been tricked with these many times so I can’t take any chances 🤷🏻‍♀️)

Q : Do you edit?
A : Yes I do! I haven’t edited in a while but I may do an edit if I find a story interesting! Although I love drawing now!

Q : Can you do me an edit/ draw something for me?
A : Nope I can’t sorry. If you haven’t won a contest or commissioned me, I can’t do anything for you.

Q : Do you accept commissions?
A : Yes I do! You can check my prices and further info in my commissions page! Even if my commissions are closed, dm me! I might be able to do it!

Q : What do you use to draw?
A : I used Ibis Paint X to edit and Procreate to draw!

Q : What device are you drawing on?
A : IPad Pro 4th Generation, with a 2nd Generation Apple Pencil!

Q : What do you offer?
A : My stories will have many mature scenes that will not be visible in the story you can read the free ones on Wattpad and the others by buying me 1 Ko-Fi. The bonus scenes of any episode can be granted through 1 Kofi or 5 gems in the story. For any questions dm me 🥰❤️

Q : I don’t have money but I want art from you!
A : Keep an eye out for contests I will be doing prizes for then!

Q : I don’t have money but I want to support you!
A : That’s really sweet of you! You can support me by reading my story, (and maybe spending gems on it!) taking screenshots of your favourite moments, sharing them on your story or feed, sharing your opinion and your feelings on it! Trust me you’ll be supporting me way more than you can imagine! 🥰❤️ For art, you can share the pieces in your story, save them, comment on the posts and like them! It will help me grow my account and also it will put a smile on my face! 🥰❤️

Q : Do you make moodboards as well?
A : Yes I do! You can check my ‘Moodboards’ Highlight on Instagram to see how I make them!

Q : How can I get a moodboard from you?
A : There are two ways you can get a moodboard! A) Read 5 episodes of my story and spend 5 gems to support me, make sure to show me proof, or B) buy me a Ko-Fi further info in the Moodboard request form under the “What I Offer” page!

Art | @naman_doodles

Story Recommendations

Here are some of the most amazing stories I’ve ever had the chance to read!

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Favourite Artists

Artists to follow, support & commission!

Commissioning an artist can be a very exhausting thing to do as there are many traits one artist should have in order for the customer to be sure the money they’re spending is not going to waste. Such traits are:

•Communication : An artist should make their customer comfortable with expressing what they want and always talk with them through the drawing process. When asked to make changes (reasonable ones, expressed in a kind and respectful manner and in a drawing phase that’s actually possible to make changes of course) an artist must make no comments such as “Um...sure” or “I’ve spend so many hours on this already”. As much as I understand that an artist is a human being too, when agreeing in receiving money from a person to draw for them, the artist should accept the customer’s requests and try to draw the piece as close to their customer’s likings as possible.
•Trustworthiness : Since one is willing to pay for art, they have the need to be sure their money is not going to waste. An artist should never ghost a customer. Another really big deal is that the artist should draw as good as they can no matter whether they enjoy it or not. From the moment they agree to the commission, the artist must do their best on every piece. I’ve had experiences where the artist would work on the piece just to finish it. They didn’t change what I asked to be changed and neither did they try to work on my piece properly. It’s really showing when the artist doesn’t want to draw the piece and when they do try to.

Agree with these traits? Check some artists who are super talented and super nice to work with who also have these traits! 😍🥰❤️

Art | @abldraws

Feer is a very talented artist with a soft and cute style! Her pieces are always so beautifully coloured with bright and always matching hues! She has a very unique way of portraying her love and passion in art through the mesmerising artworks she creates! Always does her best to make everything look just as she pictures it!


I’ve commissioned this girl numerous times and every time I commission her she reminds me why I chose her to draw for me in the first place! She always gets what I want to picture in a scene and always delivers in very little time and in amazing quality! Her prices are also very reasonable and really worthy of her pieces! Check her page out!


Blair is very talented very kind and very nice to work with! She has a very beautiful aesthetic that goes so much with her cartoonish style! I was lucky enough to win a profile picture in a giveaway contest she held; she was so fast to complete it and the outcome was so beautiful! She puts just the same amount of time and effort in all her pieces! She has really reasonable prices as well!


Sarah is an old friend of mine! I’ve always adored her beautiful soft style, the amazing anatomy, the passion and love for drawing she ALWAYS portrays in her pieces! She’s one of the most generous most kind and most talented artists I’ve had the chance to meet! She doesn’t accept commission yet but I sure hope she does soon ‘cause her amazing art deserves to be paid for and be more appreciated just as it deserves to!


Ezz is a very talented artist with a very beautiful soft style! Her shading is very unique; especially hair and skin! I’ve commissioned her once for a hand art scene and I’m still in awe with how beautifully she draws! Her prices are very reasonable! Check her page out!


Amber has the cutest hard style! She has a really beautiful soft aesthetic, a great taste in colours and a very good eye in combinations! She’s very nice and has reasonable prices! Check her page out!


Xime has a soft style that makes jaws drop to the floor! All her pieces are so sexy and so hot! She has a very great energy, she’s very cheerful, kind and really nice to work with! Check out her page!


Leila is always very kind and she has a very unique and outstanding style! Her pieces are always so beautiful, one can’t get enough of them! I personally have spent so much time admiring her art works and since she has very reasonable prices, go check her page out!


Naman is a very talented artist with a cute cartoonish hard style! I’ve had the chance to commission him recently and I was very happy I did so because his work is very cute and in really reasonable prices! Check out his page!

I’ve only started to talk with Anna recently yet I wanted to compliment on her super sense of professionalism, care and genuine interest to give the best she can with her art! She’s a true queen of art! Her style is very impressive, smooth, beautiful and she has the ability to put you just in the mood for whatever scene she’s picturing with her art! I love how she shades! There are many people who have a similar art style yet I have said many times to many people, she’s the only one who doesn’t highlight too much and has her own amazing and super smooth way with it ! Also, no matter what happens she’s always updating on her work with your artpiece and she never forgets to be her lovely self! Highly recommended! 😄❤️