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Welcome, to my business!

On my milkshake, you can find all my available bracelet designs, prices and why I started this business

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Prices igggg

How much you guys are gonna pay me 😆

A plain one color bracelet is 13 dirhams, a two or three colour bracelet is 11 dirhams. A plain colour bracelet with a shell or starfish is 13 dirhams and a personalized bracelet of your choice with one- three colors and letters or charms is 15 dirhams.

From vont

Fonts I use!!

Cloudy days regular
Cute notes
Garlic salt extra
Cute icons

Colouring tutorial

I use colourtone and prequel

Colourtone- Avalon
Prequel- all -100
Colour- 45
Hope you like it!! 🥰

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About me!! —

About me and why I love you all so much

My name is Mia, 14 yrs old. I have a brother and a sister. I am the oldest!! I love you all so much because I feel like we are a family, I am rly struggling with its school lately and editing and Charli have taken my mind of school, in a good way 🥰. My idol in real life is my mum, because she takes extra shifts at work (as a doctor) to help all the people with the virus. Lastly, I would like to say tysm for all your support that last couple of months. Ily all sm and can’t wait to see what happens next!! 🌿🕊

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