- 𖤐 welcome ࿔*:・

hi bebs welcome to my account I hope you in-joy every thing you see and hear!<3

Hi I’m a 15 year old boy I’m from yk city, I love reading and getting to know people! I especially love teen wolf and twilight, I also love talking about them, so if you do to we should be friends :)! I love charli and have since 2019 but never had or made time to make a fp, so I’m now gonna try and see how being a fanpage works, I hope I in-joy it as much I I think other people do! Sending love from me and my family to yours have a amazing day/night!<3


My favorite teenwolf quote ࿔*:・

Be Your Own Anchor- Derek hale


Coloring tutorial ࿔*:・

Here is my current coloring tutorial. This is a mix of @wisesunkie and my own. Please give creds!

Step one: first you want to download your tt video! “to download your video with out a wm, copy the link of the tt you want then go to the website https://snaptik.app on google or safari and download your video from there!”

Step two: after you’re downloaded your video you want to go the the app “24fps” then add the video of your choice, once you add your video you will want to press the green, blue and red circle thingys in the left corner, now add the QR code by clicking the + in the top right corner, from there save your video.

Step three: once your saved the video/s go to the app “prequel” add your video and use the settings down below.

Exposure: 40
Contrast: -30
Highlights: -40
Shadows: -30
Blur: 25 (optional)
effects: dust-100 filter-20

Step four: Now is the fun part! time to add you fonts and text to your video!

Final step: After you save your video, go to the app “colourtone” then use the filter “Seychelles” at 65%

All done! Can’t wait to see how all your amazing videos came out! Tag me in them<3