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My name is Emma!
I created this account to support Char! I upload when and as much as I can! 🤍 I love answering your questions :) this fixes my day!

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Question ideas 4 you! :)

-are u scared of horror movies?
-how many phones u had?
-is ur room aesthetic?
-if u fav color is blue u have to copylink!
-how long u had your acc?
-do u prefer more dresses or pants?
-does ur friends like ur type?
-do u like the color of ur eyes?
-what is ur favorite childhood show?
-do u follow ur followers back?
-do u have a fp?
-how many fps u think ur idol has?
-why did u make ur acc?
-whats ur fav led lights color?
-are u over the age 10?
-tell me fact abt u in comments!
-pick a number of 1-10 and find ur number twin in da comments!
-if u could go back to any year what year would it be?
-if you colud buy any type of food what would you buy?
-if you could be any animal what would you be?
-what is your favorite sport?
-who do you admire the most?
-who is your favorite cartoon character?
-if you had 100$ free what would you buy
-decribe yourself in 3 words.
-what would you do with your '15 minutes' fame?
-where would u go if you were invisible?
-how many books have you read till now?
-what movie was so sad that u will never watch it again?
-have you ever called someone mom that wasnt even your mom
-have you ever blamed something to your siblings that you did?
-have you ever gotten 100% on a test?
-have you ever made a prank call?
-have you ever ignored a doorbell ring?
-have you ever blown bubbles on milk?
-have you ever had a surgery?
-do you drink your tea or coffe with sugar?
-do you prefer more baths or showers?
-invent your own word! What does it mean?
-do you like reading?
-what are you hearing right now?
- what time is it where you live
- do you have any missing assignments
- have you ever dated someone before
- what’s your favorite game to play
- how much do you hate school
- do you play a sport
- do you like hanging with your mom or dad more
- do you think your a heather ) you are )
- has your idols noticed you at all

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Sunkiss colouring tutorial 4 u! <3

cc: me!

1. Prequel
Exposure +20
Contrast -5
Blur +25
Effect: Stardust
2. Instagram
Filter: Sunkissed

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