Hi there! Thank you so much for visiting! We are Chris and Meg, a mother-daughter duo who love home design and all things remodel and creativity.
We believe every space has potential, and our desire is to create warm, inviting environments that any and everyone could feel at home in.
Swipe to see some projects in our own homes (and some friend’s homes) that we have already had a touch in!
We can do anything from a small bathroom makeover to a whole house; you give us your budget and we will work with you to give you that dream space.
ONLY requirement is that you have to leave while we work our magic✨
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Much love!
Chris and Meg

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Hansen bedroom

The Hansen’s graciously let us use them as our guinea pigs with getting this business started, but we are SO HAPPY with how their bedroom turned out!
We wholeheartedly believe the bedroom is one of the the most important parts of your home. It’s where you wind down, relax, and get cozy. This is where you need to put the most money!! They already had a beautiful space, they just needed to tie some colors together and add lots of warmth and texture! (Also this black wall trend changes EVERYTHING)
This couple has a blend of mid century, minimalistic style and a bohemian-hippy feel. We can combine all kinds of styles!!
The prep work for this room took about 2 weeks to get all supplies and envision the space, but once we got there the day of, it only took us 3 hours to make this space come to life!
Before and afters below🙊

Branham bathroom

THIS was a fun makeover of a dear friend’s bathroom! It was already beautiful, but we added some fun decor to pull it all together and give it some warmth, and painted the beautiful mural to really give that wow factor. This project was only $150 for all the materials!

Camper remodel

This one was one of those bigggg projects that took much longer than a day!!
This is actually a camper that Megan and her husband live in full time. Every project in here was done themselves, there are lots of before and after pictures below!!!

Kaiser home

This one is forever an ongoing project🙊 Chris and her family moved into this once-duplex home 8 years ago, and she has continually added beautiful changes and made the most of their space. It’s a home to ALL who enter, and there’s guaranteed to always be a good meal on that table.