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This channel’s main purpose is for the enjoyment and laughter of others:)

Life of a Bi(sexual man)

The process of dying hair (untrained man version)

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I joined this company, because I was working for jobs and I couldn’t handle the working 10 hours a day, with little to no breaks and decided I had enough. Working for 50+ hours a week for about $400 was not worth it to me anymore...

But instead if complaining, I did what anyone with big dreams would do and I took a leap of faith. A year later, I’m not regretting a single bit nor do I miss working my 9-5. This isn’t going to be my job for ever but it’s definitely going to help me get where I want to go a lot easier and open 10x the amount of opportunities.

Working from home + Making how much I want , as a college student is probably the best thing I could have ever done.


Digital Designer • Piano • Theater

Hey guys!

I’m going to college for digital art, to become a Computer animator and VFX specialist!! @NJIT’24... I decided to go to college for this bc I wanted to do something along the artistic side but I wanted to mix it with math and physics.

I also love theater, love musical theater, singing dancing everything about it. I hope one day I could take lessons to help improve my dancing and singing.

I also have been playing piano for quit some time. Always room for improvement. Playing really calms my nerves and always makes my day better:)