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Episode 198 - Jason Leenaarts on Paying it Forward, Deeper Conversations, and Evolving with Age

Episode 197 - Derek Stanley on Doing Nice Things For People

Episode 196 - Katie St. Clair on Empowering Others and Strengths from External Perspectives

Episode 195 Gerard Friedman on Connecting the Dots and Growing To Further Health in the Individual

Episode 194 Austin Current, The Episode Where I Convince You To Buy His Book

Episode 193 - Carmen Choney on Creating Connections, Staying Loyal, and Being Aware

Episode 192 - Case Kenny on Not Settling for Less and Letting Your Actions Do The Work

Episode 191 - Dean Somerset on How To Stay Busy When Boredom Is Disguised As Burnout

Episode 190 - Tony Gentilcore on Complimenting Others and Non-Confrontational Introvert Things

Episode 189 - Gavin McHale on Leaning In, Reframing The Next Move and Backing Up NHL Teams

Episode 188 - Jordan Syatt, Two Bald White Guys Talking About Therapy

Episode 187 - Lee Boyce on The Year of Recognizing True Accomplishments

Episode 186 - Dr. Mike T. Nelson on Seeing Double, Having a Big Heart and Burning the Boats

Episode 185 Samantha Ciaccia on a Medical Career in NYC during COVID-19 as a Successful Trainer

Episode 184 - Matt McLeod on Getting Fired, Heartbreak and Bumble Swag

Episode 183 - Jessica Lacoursiere on Taking Orders, Taking Leaps and Talking about Vaginas

Episode 182 - Coach Pow on Running Fast, Visualization, and Watering the Plants

Episode 181 - Dr. Rena LaFrance On Medical, Societal, Mental, and Physical Health

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