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A dash of eerie, a pinch of paranormal and a cup of true crime all paired with comedy and a cocktail. Expect no holds barred discussions about some of the most notorious and newest entries in the true crime world.

Love a good ghost story? Then you’re going to love the episodes recorded at haunted locations + other tales of spooky experiences.

Grab a seat, a drink and let's have An Eerie Good Time.

About Me

Fun Facts

1. I am a Chicago girl with a Joanna Gaines/Martha Stewart Obsession.

2. I have a rescue dog @harperkwinn and a cat named The Puff (she’s too shy for the gram).

3. I had VSG surgery on February 22, 2021.

4.. I share easy peasy glow-up makeup geared for everyone and extra bonus tips for mature skin.

5. I struggle with depression, anxiety and was diagnosed with ADHD in 2007 and am an advocate for mental health.

6. I was a co-host of a no holds barred, curse word filled, realest talk podcast called @boozybetties

7. I am a massive comic book fan and have quite the collection of classic Harley Quinn awesomeness.

8. I have done voice work In several video games (some major titles). A couple casino games too.

9. I love home DIY home projects and making furniture from scratch. I am not afraid of a power tool.

10. Coffee is life! I am a Starbucks girl and when I can get a Tim Horton’s...I am a happy girl.

- I am a Sports junkie. Playing or watching brings out the Super competitive side of me.
- I love a good deal, both finding and sharing.