About Me

Live with Independence

Hi y’all! I am 20 years old. I’m an independent woman with a side hustle that sparks my soul! For the past couple months I have spent compiling my trauma and facing it head on, I have made major break throughs mentally, physically and in my business. I want to bring independence to all woman!

The brand I influence is so amazing and the lives they change is beyond compare. I love being a part of this community and the opportunities it has brought me have been insane!

With a new launch in skincare, Monat is making leaps and bounds. Join me on journey and help make a difference in so many peoples lives.

The Biz

What this biz is all about!

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What I do...

I share some incredible hair products, and skincare! I also share an opportunity to help woman all over gain financial freedom and independence! That’s it.
No, it’s not a scam.
Yes, it’s real and I’ve seen it change so many lives.
And yes, the products are as good as we say they are.

It’s honestly that simple!

What do you get when you join this team?

First and foremost...the opportunity of a lifetime.

A bundle of my favorite luxury haircare and skin care for as low as $199 (that’s 50% off regular price)

So many bonuses!! Did I mention you could make over $1,700 in your first 3 months on bonuses alone? Our company has the highest compensation plan in the industry some women make up to $107k/MONTH!

Personalized website + online office

30% discount on everything

Free products

Free shipping

Access to flash sales + promotions

Payments 5-6 times a month, in 10 different ways

Social media training from top leaders in our company

Weekly training and motivational calls

FREE Cadillac program

Access to company profit shares

Annual FREE incentive trips

No monthly fees for obligations

No requirement to hold inventory

No monthly quotas

Work for you and answer to you

30 day trial

The best hair you’ve ever had


Must be 18+

Must be located in US, Canada, UK, Ireland and Poland

Willing to work hard


Alright, so here’s your sign if you’ve been thinking about it!