About Me

Get to know me and my purpose💫

Hi guys 🙋‍♀️ let me introduce myself; get to know me a little bit more and my purpose on this page🥰

I am currently a business college student, a licensed cosmetologist and a mommy of a newborn beautiful babygirl💖 Running an online beauty business from home!😅 it may sound like alot, and it is not gonna lie! But I simply love what I do!

I started this business 2 years ago but I quit on it a few months in to later realize how much I was missing out from this amazing opportunity. Joined back again Sep 2020, and currently working my way up to hit SED (top of the company) in the next 12 months. With hopes of impacting and changing plenty of lives all around the world.

I have had manager positions in previous jobs, making good money but having zero time freedom and no passion. I came to feel like a slave for someone else’s dream (who can relate?😩). I realized money wasn’t my purpose nor motivation, I was working long hours for someone else.

I took the decision to work instead for myself and my dreams, no matter how hard it would be to get there. So here I am now, to be honest I believe we all do this for the freedom, and the impact it has on people’s lives, because that’s the main thing my online beauty business has given me in all senses and I have never felt any more fulfilled! ✨👩‍💻

Now if you’re wondering how I did it and how I am doing it, just fill out the “work with me” form. (I’ll guide you every step of the way🤗) Because this business duplicates, meaning anyone can do it💫

But yeah, that’s pretty much a kind of short summary of me!

Just the tip of the iceberg because there’s so much more going on behind closed doors! So stay tuned because..


Bye for now🥰

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