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Hi friends! My name is Christen Mavrofrides (christen mav for short because it’s hard to say haha) I am so excited to see you on here!!

Little about me. I am a retired medical technician for over 15 years. I met my husband through work, fell in love and were engaged 3 years after. I then became a step-mom to 5 kids! Yes, I dove into being a mom head first haha. We then added to our family with 7 fir babies. All pitties! I have a soft spot for the breed. I am also a new aunt to 2 and am so excited! I was definitely made to be aunt. I love to spoil my friends and family. My favorite thing to do is spend time with my big family 💕

I have a passion for fashion, beauty, using clean products, & staying on trend.

I never thought of myself or could ever picture myself as an influencer but I guess god & others thought differently! I absolutely love everything I do, sell, use, and share with my followers.

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I am looking to expand my team with like minded individuals who are driven and ambitious!