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Is a Secondary Source of Income a prority for you right now?

Christian Arellano

Growing up I always thought I was gonna accomplish big things in life. For a long time my identity was in basketball and I thought I was gonna pursue that as a career. But I found out after playing on high school teams and playing on high level summer teams it just wasn’t in the cards for me. For a long time I have struggled with defining who I was after I wasn’t a part of a team and still sometimes to this day I still struggle and look back on what I could’ve done different.

But now I have left that behind me and have been working full time at JB Hunt and have found found pretty quickly that pursuing corporate America until you are 65 is not the career path I want.

Luckily I was able to be introduced to a team of some high level and successful entrepreneurs that have decided to teach me about passive income streams after a series of events of having to prove myself and earn the right for there time. What they have done and have taught me over years has been priceless and am very thankful everyday for the connections and mentorship I have to move forward in life. Now I have not yet arrived or have quote unquote “made it” yet but I feel like I’m on a better path and know where I am going because of the people that I have been connected to.
I’m a firm believer that if you can change your mindset and apply the knowledge you learn properly you will succeed!

Now you probably are wondering why does your heading say secondary source of income and all you talked about was your story and the people you are connected to?

Well I learned a long time ago from successful people it’s not what you know it’s who you know. If that someone has fruit on the tree and is willing to give his or her time sweat and energy to teach you what they have done and they have results you want and they are guiding you on your path to success, You jump on it!

Now with that being said mentorship is earned not handed out. If you are like me and feel like an opportunity to earn a mentorship offer is of great value and a secondary source of income is a priority for you right now feel free to DM me for the next steps @Cman150 on Instagram or connect with me on LinkedIn or Facebook.