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Hi! I’m Christina. Wife to my best friend and momma to my two babies. My life!
I’ve worked since I was 16. So working to me has always been a normal in my life. I’ve moved from job to job because I needed a flexible career to be able to work around my husbands demanding hours and job. So I never really had a CAREER.

Then we started having our children. While pregnant with my son, I had some complications that had me on bed rest, so not working, Then he came early, healthy as can be! 💙I stayed home with him 6 months because he was preemie. Fast forward 2 years, we went through the same thing with my daughter, only earlier with her for bed rest. Week 20.

After all the unexpected time off with my children- their was nothing I wanted more than to be home with them! I wanted to be a stay at home momma. BUT I needed an income.

I couldn’t find anything that would allow me flexible hours and be home with my babies so I started my own cleaning business so I had flexible hours. It’s been great! I could be home with my kids when they needed me, go to “mom” day at school, pick up my kiddos and drop them off everyday. BUT, as you know, life happens, clients cancel some days and if they do, I don’t get paid. That started to hurt, especially with COVID. I wanted a way to be with them while still earning an income. It was so hard! I prayed so desperately for a solution!

I saw a mom of 4 saying how she supported her family through a social media based business, and although I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting myself into, I jumped in. She helped me and I worked hard! I’ve since been able to not stress if a cleaning client cancels, take a couple days off a week to work my business which is my passion now and be a stay at home when I need too which is still really hard (shoutout to all the #sahm!!). But I would pick this hard over and over if it means being with my kids the way I desired and providing for my family!

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