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I’m a full time college student at Oklahoma State University! I’m a junior this year majoring in elementary education! I’m also involved in greek life, Phi Mu! I was definitely a little hesitant on joining this business because I dont like pyramid schemes and thought that was all this was, but it definitely is NOT! My upline dmed me a few times before I officially joined and I thought why the heck not try? You get your money back after thirty days if you don’t think it fits best for you! My dms are always open for anything to ask questions about the business, products, or just need someone to talk to!!


Hey! My name is Christina and I’m a social media influencer for the #1 most luxurious, vegan hair & skin company on the market right now! I decided to start be a market partner for this business because it’s not your typical part time job where you have a boss looking over your every move and you have to clock in. I’m on my phone too many hours throughout the day anyway.

I work with the most empowering women that are so inspirational and motivate each other. We brand, market, and sell with one goal in common of leveling up in the business and in our own lives.🤩

Join my team! Connect with me through my dms, they are always open! Let’s schedule a call and I can talk to you more about the business! These products will truly change your life because they have changed mine!💓

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Level Up With Me!!