Thrive! Don't just survive.

Wife, mom and author with an intention to help you find balance through hope, health and happiness.

Hi! My name is Christina but I go by Tina. After spending 17 years in the legal field, I have spent the last three years as a stay-at-home mom to my sweet son, Kai. I have also published two books since 2019 (Hope Strong and Embaby Elio). But let's rewind a bit...Before moving to the mainland, I was born and raised in beautiful Hawai'i where my 10 siblings and I lived a life of simplicity and nature-filled adventures. I was born on a leap year (February 29th), which only comes around every four years. I've technically had nine official birthdays so I like to think I've discovered the fountain of youth, ;) In reality, my journey with holistic living has been the real reason I have been able to maintain my youth and actually heal and improve my body from the inside out. Although I grew up with knowledge of proper nutrition, natural medicine and a healthy lifestyle, as many kids do when they grow up and leave home, I went through my 20's not applying what I had learned and allowing a toxic external and internal environment.

When I got married at 30, I never expected to enter the world of infertility. This is when I began to educate myself on holistic health, replacing toxic products with clean ones, ending unhealthy habits and creating a new lifestyle. Fast forward four years and in 2018, I gave birth to my son, who I conceived via IVF. At this time, I found myself in the worst postpartum health condition. I had suffered a birth trauma, as well as complications, including pre-eclampsia. I also have a pre-existing condition called postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) which was triggered to an uncontrollable level as a result. During this time, it felt like my body was shutting down. I saw doctor after doctor, specialist after specialist. All of which recommended medication and summed up my issues as being anxiety. I felt helpless and unheard. I didn't want a bandaid approach. I wanted to address the root of the problem and HEAL. That's when I was referred to a holistic doctor who changed my life and health around! Not only did she listen, but she diligently worked to uncover multiple underlying deficiencies and imbalances which were causing my symptoms. I not only healed under this doctor's care (while also implementing proper nutrition and praying daily), but I also became a believer in the power of herbs, vitamins, minerals and foods to restore and support our bodies, which are more resilient than we realize. Our bodies are always telling us a story and we owe it to ourselves to give it the love and care it deserves to function at it's best, both inside and out, as a whole system.

Throughout the last several years, I've made it a point to educate myself and be my own advocate when it comes to health and wellness. The knowledge I've gained has been invaluable and I've developed a strong passion to help others in their own struggles with health and wellness. While the books I've written are intended to offer hope to those who have struggled with infertility, my healing journey has led me to be inspired to offer hope in another way, to those suffering with ailments and looking for a way to feel their best without the risk of dangerous side effects. Through this passion, I have been able to become a part of a company whose products and mission are aligned with my core values. I am truly thankful to have the opportunity to work from home and make my own schedule with a wonderful, inspiring team who keep me motivated and accountable. The opportunity, flexibility and freedom to build a business while simultaneously improving my health, the health of others and still having all the time I desire with my family is PRICELESS.

Thank you for stopping by to learn a little about me. Whether you're looking to improve your health and lifestyle or are interested in creating a side business, I'm here to help. XO

Just a few of my favorite things...

I love to feel inspired and sometimes inspiration comes from simple things like watching a beautiful sunset, eating nutritious food, a song on repeat or a good book. Below are ten of my favorite things.

Recommendation #1 - Skincare

Arbonne's Age Well line has amazed me. My skin has never felt more youthful, nourished and glowing and a little goes a long way.

Recommendation #2 - Book on Wisdom

This is a book I try to read once a year - The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Miguel Ruiz

Recommendation #3 - Good News

The Good News Network website (and app) serve as a wonderful escape from all the negative news in the world. When the world seems overwhelming, I love to get a dose of positivity from this great site.

Recommendation #4 - Sunset

If you're a sunset chaser like me and live in Southern California, you will love watching a stunning sunset at Crystal Cove State Park in Newport Beach.

Recommendation #5 - Healthy Eating

My family and I can't get enough of the delicious menu items at True Food Kitchen. Everything is fresh and organic with gluten free and vegan options. I am actually a meat lover so my go to is their grass-fed burger but I have tried and love their vegan dishes as well. Soooo good! (Locations: CA, AZ, NY, NV, TX)

Recommendation #6 - Music

I love music and often use it for healing and reflecting. I have many favorites but as an island girl at heart, there are some island jams that will always speak to my soul. The main one being Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel (IZ) Kamakawiwoʻole. This song was unexpectedly my son's birth song and will forever be in my heart.

Recommendation #7 - Motivation

I love a powerful motivational speech and a great one is Rick Rigsby's "The Wisdom of a Third Grade Dropout".

Recommendation #8 - Church

As a believer in Christ, it is important for me to fill my spiritual cup often and I truly love listening to sermons by TD Jakes or Steven Furtick of Elevation Church. Different preaching styles but both leave a "wow" affect on me after listening.

Recommendation #9 - Soul Food

When I had hit rock bottom during my years of infertility and feeling like I had nowhere to turn, one thing that carried me through was the YouVersion app. It is filled with thousands of devotionals, guided meditations and reading plans on every topic you can think of. Whether you are needing encouragement for loss, divorce, loneliness, faith, hope, etc., you will find it here.

What you believe about yourself and your life, on a deep subconscious level is what you live out daily through your actions, words, choices and habits. It is also what you attract and manifest more of. Be mindful of the power of your beliefs and their power over your life.