About me

Hi, I'm Christina!

Hello && welcome!!🌟

My name is Christina and I am 21 years YOUNG & making an income through my phone while impact so many lives. Sounds too good to be true huh? Keep reading.

For the past year, i've been scrolling on instagram seeing women make money through their phones.. I kept scrolling.

Until April of 2020, the end of my undergraduate year, the peak of Coronavirus, I finally decided that this was my chance to make money with a fear I would not find a job after graduation or even an internship.

My initial intent for starting this business was to make the switch to vegan and all natural products, but to also get a glimpse into the online marketing side of the cosmetic industry. I wanted to be an influencer, but with a background in the formulation and science behind the products.

I've always known that I did not want to work behind a desk or sit at a lab bench the rest of my life...that was not my dream job or my dream life. I thought about what really makes me happy and what motivates me. And thats exactly when I began an online business.

I know that making people happy, making people feel confident, making people feel supported and financially stable, making s difference. THAT is what motivates me.

In just a month, I have met the most driven people who want to better their lives and financial situation, have found an incredible group of inspiring women, who constantly support each other and have been able to run a business from home. I now want to help thousands of women do the same.

Want to learn how to make REAL money through social media? DM me right now to get to make their dreams a reality and help people to be their best selves!! The best time is now.

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