Who am I?

What makes me, me?

Hello! I am Christine Stanley, and I am a momma to 4 girls! You read that right! FOUR. I biologically have 3 of my own, and then we foster! So things around my neck of the woods is always a little bit on the crazy side! I wouldn’t trade it for anything, though! I also work a few side gigs on the side of being a stay at home momma!

Once again, we foster! If you don’t know anything about fostering, that’s another almost full time job in itself just making sure you stay up on everything! There is lots of paperwork and note taking, along with all of the weekly appointments! Again, things get pretty crazy around my neck of the woods! I love HELPING people- especially those who don’t have a voice for whatever reason. My heart aches and is on fire for people/animals that do not get a say in what happens to them. 💜

One of those side gigs is my Young Living business! There is NOTHING I love more than helping my friends and family to learn to better care for themselves, their kiddos, and their pets, through the use of natural oils and remedies! I know, I know! Some people think that’s a little too much like witchy voodoo for them. But oils are AMAZING, and work so easily with the body!

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